MyPascoConnect – Employee, Parent, Student Login Portal

Introduction: MyPascoConnect functions as a single hub for employees, parents and students to connect. By logging into MyPascoConnect, you don’t have to recollect each password for all sorts of administrations provided by the official Pasco.

By signing into MyPascoConnect the students, instructors and administrators of a particular school can connect to any details regarding the school affiliated with Pasco and interact with each other and forms a cloud platform for schools. In this article, we are going to discuss how to sign up and log in to MyPascoConnect hassle-free and conveniently.

How To Log InTo MyPascoConnect

Follow the steps provide below to log into the MyPascoConnect web portal without any hassle whatsoever.

  • Use any reputed Internet Browser to access the website of MyPascoConnect. It would help if you used Internet Explorer/Mozilla Firefox/Google Chrome to access this particular web portal.
  • Click on the “sign-in” option provided upon visiting MyPascoConnect web portal.

  • If you are registered to this web portal as an employee/teacher, use your username and secret phase key to log into MyPascoConnect.
  • If you are registered as a student, you can use your Canvas/LDAP username to log in here along with the secret phrase key.

If you follow through the above steps, you can seamlessly access and log in to MyPascoConnect without hurling into any hurdles whatsoever.

MyPascoConnect Student Login

MyPascoConnect is a unique cloud workplace which allows a student to access their school from any gadget they have access to. It helps to reduce the time and expenditure of schools as well as increase efficiency and builds up a strong network between the school faculty and the students. It is a perfect platform to teach students over online as well as provide exercises and tasks to build up a student’s acumen. Students after logging into MyPascoConnect can access to active directory offers and different applications provided by Pasco if the student’s school is affiliated with Pasco.

MyPascoConnect Parent Login

Parents of the students whose school is associated with Pasco can use MyPascoConnect to interact with the teachers of their school directly and be briefed about how their ward is performing as well as access their students’ records over Pasco database. It is heavily protected and takes appropriate action if there are any unauthorized attempted logins, so make sure you clearly remember your login details or else you will be locked out of this portal.

MyPascoConnect Employee Login

My Pasco Connect allows the teachers who are part of the school affiliated with Pasco to teach students online, assign them a specific task to test their ability and acumen as well as connect with the students’ parents to inform them about their performance in your subject or overall in class. You can also reset your secret key if you happen to lose it by any chance by merely logging onto the MyPascoConnect web portal and choosing the “Forgot password” option.


MyPascoConnect is an online platform where students, teachers, and parents can interact as well as do various functions and serves as a cloud workplace for schools that are affiliated with Pasco. 

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