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Introduction: The internet has undoubtedly taken everything by storm. The facilities provided by the internet are faster, more comfortable and reliable. It is far more comfortable and feasible to maintain databases of details and resources related to the employees of a company on the internet than in physical books.

That has made the service of online employee service portals emerge with so much popularity. The smallest to the gigantic companies have online portals dedicated to the services to be provided to their employees. These days, everyone has access to the internet. That is the very reason behind creating these portals. We all are familiar with the name ‘Pepsico’ for ages.

It is an American company manufacturing grain-based snacks, beverages, and many other products. It has more than two hundred seventy thousand (2,70,000) employees worldwide. To maintain their databases and to provide them with their services, the Pepsico has an online service portal for employees.

Ways to Access the Pepsico Employee Portal

The Pepsico has an online HR portal created to enable the employees to access the resources related to their work.

Pepsico Sign-in

All the Pepsico employees around the world can access this website and view the information of their interest. The site has all the resources they need, which are updated or edited according to the company policies by the company itself. This website is accessible anytime and from any corner of the world. That makes things super easy and within reach of the numerous employees. The employees can also view their payment receipts whenever required.

Employee Login of MyPepsi 

The said portal is also referred to as ‘MyPepsico’ portal. Pepsico employees get access to their daily schedules and work allocations and company news. This advantage can be sought by logging in to the portal.

Requirements for MyPepsico Online HR Portal

This portal is accessible only and only to the employees of Pepsi. For the first login, the user has to create a user ID and password. Since this portal is web-based, any employee having internet access on any device can access the portal. 

How to Log In to the MyPepsico Portal

  • Enter the URL to visit the website.
  • On the login form, you have to enter the username and password.
  • Click on the Sign In button and access the account.
  • For a new user, you have to click the ‘First Time User’ link
  • Now, you can choose the type of partner. Then, submit your personal information.
  • You have to enter GPID, DOB, and temporary password of 8-digits.
  • After clicking on the ‘Login’ button, answer the questions about the next step.
  • Edit the information and also choose a security question to protect your account.
  • Then, enter the new password and complete your registration.

How to Reset MyPepsico Password?

If you have forgotten your password, you can reset it. You will then be asked for your user ID and temporary password. You then have to click on ‘Forgot Password’ and reset it.

How to Contact Pepsi?

You can contact the company through the following contact details:

  1. Participant employee benefit plan: 1-800-632-2014.
  2. General questions: 1-800-433-2652.

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