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It is essential to be able to contact and communicate with all the employees at the same time for a considerable business chain like Home Depot. That is why MyTHDHR and My Apron to help the home depot associates access to their essential information about their job. 

What to choose My Apron or MyTHDHR?

Both are easy and favorable to use. The Home Depot employees can access their job-related information through both the sites. Though My Apron is not accessible outside any home depot stores, you can operate the same operations on this link employee portal. 

Everything you need to know for MyTHDHR as a Home depot associate

This is the ultimate login portal on which the Home Depot employees or associates can operate and access the required information regarding their job. They can access the details about their employment and manage other job-related actions. They manage the payslips, schedules, and any other benefits they are offered in the job. 

Detail about MyTHDHR

Home Depot is one of the biggest chains of stores helping people with their home appliances. To manage this big shop chain, it is essential to communicate with all the employees at the same time. The website helps them to check their pay stubs, schedules or any other benefits offered by the company. 

What can you use MyTHDHR for?

We have already described several times what you can do with access to the MyTHDHR or My Apron. Here is the detailed list of things about the function you can perform. 

  • Initiate your payroll card.
  • Check your deposit details. 
  • May access historical pay and tax details. 
  • Modify your contact details. 
  • Do home fund deduction management.
  • Do your tax withholdings management.
  • Check all information related to leave of absence. 

How can You check your work schedule?

We have pointed before that you may check your work schedule quickly through MyTHDHR. Here are the steps to follow to check your schedule. 

  • As a first step, enter in the browser of your phone. 
  • Click on the top left of the page on “your schedule”. 
  • Then the login page will appear, and you will need to fill up the login information and click login. 
  • Then your account will open, and you can view your work schedule theirs.  You can check your next week work schedule here or request any change and plan your vacation. 

How to log in to your MyTHDHR account?

Having a MyTHDHR account helps you immensely as a Home Depot employee. If you still have any confusion about login to the employee portal, here our article will help you get through your confusion. 

    • At first, access the page by entering in your browser address bar. 
    • Now click on the right option on the left bar as per your required choice. 
    • Though you can not access to your employee benefits options on this website, you have to click on for that. 
    • If you’re from Hawaii, Puerto Rico, Guam or US Virgin Islands, you have to click on the location option and follow the instruction to log in then logging in usually. 
  • And to search the detail about your pay detail click on 
  • And to apply for the corporate and non-corporate jobs in Home Depot click here

What to do when you forget your password?

You need to call on 1-866-698-4347 (1-866-mythdhr) if you forget your MyTHDHR account password. The help is available from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. on weekdays. And on Sunday, you can call 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. 


We hope our article was helpful to help you with your MyTHDHR or My Apron account. Thank you for visiting. We hope you visit again soon. 

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