Nadia Bartel: Why Ellie Pearson’s cracked phone screen accidentally shared video

The influencer has publicly said she’s “embarrassed” by footage showing her snorting white powder – but some have slammed her apology.

Nadia Bartel’s apology after footage emerged showing the mum-of-two appearing to snort a white powder has fallen flat, with some claiming her decision to shut off comments on her post is “not an apology”.

The former WAG and elite social media star publicly apologised for the “embarrassing” incident on Friday.

In the fallout since Friday she’s already lost a lucrative brand deal with a vitamin company that saw her promote its wellness products on Instagram – and it’s thought she could lose more work in the coming days.

But not everyone is happy with her brief statement after she turned off comments allowing others to engage and discuss her alleged actions.

‘Cracked’ phone screen

The clip was “accidentally” shared online by her business partner Ellie Pearson on Thursday, quickly littering social media feeds

Ellie, who co-owns Spray Aus with the 36-year-old as well as power WAG Rebecca Judd and Emily McKay, is said to have uploaded the controversial three second clip to Instagram and Facebook live due to an unfortunate mistake.

According to the Sydney Morning Herald, Ellie had a “smashed phone screen” that led to her publicly posting it rather than private messaging it to her sister Bonnie Pearson.

The footage was public for 10 minutes before it was taken down – but the damage had already been done and it began recirculating online.

As well as showing Nadia snorting an unidentified white powder, the small gathering also showed the former WAG – who was previously married to AFL star Jimmy Bartel – allegedly breaching Victoria’s public health order.

Since the footage went viral, Nadia has issued a public apology, apologising for her behaviour and for letting people down by her actions.

“Hi Everyone, I have let you all down by my actions,” she wrote on Friday.

“I take full responsibility and I am committed to taking all necessary steps to ensure I make better choices in future.

“To my family and friends, my business partners and the public health workers trying to keep us all safe, I am embarrassed and remorseful.

“I am truly and deeply sorry. I hope I can earn your forgiveness and, in time, your trust. Nadia.”

Anger at apology

But while many noted her apology appeared “remorseful”, some commentators weren’t happy with Nadia’s response.

Entertainment reporter Peter Ford wrote on Twitter that the apology “says all the right things without offering details or admission”.

Others said the apology didn’t make any mention of her two boys, Aston, 5, and Henley, 3, who she shares with ex-Jimmy.

“What about your boys? Don’t be sorry to the rest of us mere adults who can tell right from wrong, but those two boys who will be reminded when older due to the perils of mum’s fame and Google,” one wrote.

While others branded the apology “gutless” and condemned her for turning off comments and engaging with “discussion, criticism and understandable anger”.

“An apology is not an apology without leaving the door open for discussion, criticism and anger.

“To close off commenting on her page is a sign of trying to close the door as quickly as possible without dealing with the repercussions,” one stated.

Victorian Industry Support and Recovery Minister Martin Pakula commented on the alleged rule flout during Saturday’s press conference, calling it “dangerous”.

“Obviously when it’s someone with a profile … it’s more publicised and it makes it clear that sort of conduct is not acceptable,” he said.

“So look, I’m not going to individualise this. That incident has been very, very well viewed now, very extensively viewed.

“I’m sure the participants are, or they should be, appropriately embarrassed.”

JSHealth also dropped Nadia as an ambassador on Sunday, publicly calling for compassion despite condemning “illicit behaviour”.

However others saw the funny side of the tale after it was revealed the plate used in the video was a $3 design from Kmart.

“Idk who Nadia Bartel is, but getting caught using a Kmart plate is chef’s kiss hilarious,” one person said.

“Can now see people going out and ordering that plate to copy. Kmart is the big winner here,” another tongue-in-cheek comment read.

While another user wrote: “It’s the Kmart plate for me.”

It’s not clear what Kmart collection the grey homewares item is from, but it appears to be the “Grey Glazed Dinner Plate” that comes with a string of five-star reviews on the brand’s website.

The footage has reportedly been raised with Victorian police, which is said to be making inquiries about a video on social media showing a gathering of people and alleged illicit drug use.

“The Department of Health is liaising with Victoria Police in relation to the alleged incident,” a Department of Health spokesman told the Herald Sun.

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