Nadine Coylewants visit from Sarah Harding’s spirit

Nadine Coyle wants the late Sarah Harding’s spirit to “visit” her.

Nadine Coyle

The ‘Insatiable’ singer admitted she hasn’t stopped thinking about her Girls Aloud bandmate since she died of cancer last weekend and though she knows her friend isn’t alive anymore, she’s hopeful she’ll still get the chance to feel her presence again eventually.

Alongside a series of photos of them together, Nadine wrote on Instagram: “One week without you!! Thinking of you all day everyday & trying to imagine how your new journey is going. Please feel free to come visit me anytime.

“I know lots of people will want some Sarah spirit time so I can wait my turn. I hope you now know how much you are loved & how you impacted so many lives by being wholeheartedly yourself.

“Always an inspiration, always a shining light & always my friend!!(sic)”

Nadine previously admitted she was “absolutely devastated” by Sarah’s death.

She wrote on Instagram last week: “I am absolutely devastated!! I can’t think of words that could possibly express how I feel about this girl & what she means to me!! I know so many of you will be feeling this way. For now I’m sending so much love to you!!! (sic)”

Nadine and Sarah’s bandmate, Nicola Roberts, already thinks she’s seen a sign from her friend since she passed away.

In a touching tribute to the blonde beauty, she wrote: “I’m absolutely devastated and I can’t accept that this day has come. My heart is aching and all day everything we went through together has raced round my mind.

“Especially this last year since her diagnosis, as hard as the year has been, our new memories are strong in my heart.

“There are so many things to say and at first it felt to personal to put them here and then I remembered that there are so many other people grieving her too.

“A part of me or us isn’t here anymore and it’s unthinkable and painful and utterly cruel. She would have loved your messages today.

“Electric girl, you made us. You gave it everything and still with a smile.

“A white butterfly flew past my window this morning before I knew, it must have been you.”


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