‘Naked And Afraid Of Love’ Stream Or Skip?

Discovery+ has taken the hit show Naked and Afraid to a whole new level. Now, the naked contestants are also trying their hand at love.

Naked and Afraid of Love – is it worth it?

In short, probably not. Naked and Afraid and Naked and Afraid XL, are known for the contestants really roughing it. Usually, they are paired off from the start and they have no assistance in finding their way to survival. More often than not, it seems that the partners usually don’t like each other and that creates a whole other level to their ability to survive the island.

Once they grow tired of their partners (in Naked and Afraid XL), they set off to find more people to set up camp with. However, there’s no shortage of dehydration, sunburns, fights, and starvation.

Naked and Afraid of Love is a whole different ballgame. Contestants are paired off in guy-girl duos. They are placed on islands that seem to be fully stocked with coconuts and bananas. No killing giant eels for them.

From there, they get several things that will help them. This includes a pre-made shelter, a book with a map and instructions on how to build a raft, and a pot for cooking. Not exactly the same vibe as the original shows. It seems there is really no “roughing it.”


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Episode 1

During episode one, many of the partners seem to hit it off but are trying not to limit themselves. Sound familiar? Think Bachelor in Paradise meets a really watered down Naked and Afraid.

Once the pairs get tired of each other, they set off to find more pairs to join up with. Of course, this starts a lot of drama as the pairs start intermingling socially and romantically.

Is it awkward?

Of course, it is! The kicker to this whole show is that they are naked and with someone who could be their potential boyfriend/girlfriend.

During episode one of the new show, one man even got a little bit too excited upon first glance of his partner. Probably not the first impression he was looking to make.

Other than that, cast members seem to be warming up to the idea of being constantly naked.

Overall, if you like Naked and Afraid because it’s full of people trying to survive in the wilderness, do not stream this new show. However, if you really like Bachelor in Paradise, and wouldn’t mind them also being naked, this may just be the show for you.

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