Nancy Drew season 3 episode 2: The Frozen Heart murders (SPOILERS!)

Following tonight’s big premiere, it makes sense for Nancy Drew season 3 episode 2 to move in a chilling direction. This show is utilizing frozen body parts in a way that we haven’t quite seen since Dexter! The Frozen Heart murders are legitimately creepy, and this is one of the coolest (another pun intended) plotlines that we’ve seen from the show so far.

Of course, it goes without saying that this is dangerous! In the promo below for episode 2 you can see countless warnings handed down over what could be coming up next. Nancy and the rest of the Drew Crew have to know what they are up against, let alone how difficult it is going to be to navigate through all of this on the other side.

Below, we’ve got the full Nancy Drew season 3 episode 2 synopsis with some more news as to what lies ahead:

FROZEN IN TIME – As The Drew Crew investigates the Frozen Heart murders, sparks fly between Nancy (Kennedy McMann) and her counterpart in law enforcement on Nancy’s first day as the Community Liaison – and Temperance (guest star Bo Martynowska) makes a startling offer at the police station. Meanwhile, Carson (Scott Wolf) and Ryan (Riley Smith) have conflicting opinions on how Nancy should be parented, a mishap tests Nick’s (Tunji Kasim) and George’s (Leah Lewis) relationship, and Bess (Maddison Jaizani) tries to protect Ace (Alex Saxon) from a string of bad luck that may not be coincidental. Amanda Row directed the episode written by Celine Geiger and Andrea Thornton Bolden (302). Original airdate 10/15/2021.

We are still very-much early on in this season, but it still goes without saying that you can’t expect season 3 to be anywhere close to where it is right now in a handful of weeks. This show is going to keep changing and you have to prepare accordingly.



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