Nancy Lee Grahn Welcomes GH Daughter Lexi Ainsworth Back

Wednesday’s General Hospital saw the return of Lexi Ainsworth as Kristina Corinthos Davis, the daughter of Maurice Benard’s Sonny Corinthos from his liaison with Nancy Lee Grahn’s Alexis Davis. Of course, the father-daughter reunion was missed by mom, who remains in prison. But actress Grahn still got in on the good news.

Nancy Lee Grahn Welcomes Lexi Ainsworth Back

Alexis might be stuck in a prison of her own making, but the actress has kept her sense of humor about the whole situation. She took to her official Facebook page to welcome the adorable Daytime Emmy winner back to the fold.

“Dearest Lexi, it was good to see you back home on @GeneralHospital where you belong,” she began the post, which included the adorable image the official General Hospital site shared of Benard and Ainsworth. “I’ve missed your beautiful face and heart. Love, Nancy Lee.”

But that wasn’t all she had to say. As most of her fans know, Grahn is a very talented, very funny writer and she decided to take a whirl at how her character may feel right about now — and it made fans smile.

“Dear Kristina, perhaps my complex middle child might visit her mommy in her home…PRISON. God knows everyone else stops by to talk about the plot, why not you? Love, Mommy😘”

She’s got that right — as it seems Alexis’s main purpose right now is to help let lapsed viewers know what they’ve missed in the lives of those kind enough to not forget about Alexis, including her nephew Nikolas Cassadine (Marcus Coloma), his son Spencer Cassadine (Nicholas Alexander Chavez), and most recently, one of her favorite ex-husbands, Jax (Ingo Rademacher).

Viewers are also excited to see what happens when Sonny learns that Alexis is in jail for trying to kill his oldest son, Dante Falconeri (Dominic Zamprogna), though to be fair, she was aiming for Franco Baldwin (Roger Howarth). Will we get to see that? Will we get to see Sonny visit Alexis? We’re sure he has a lot to fill her in on.

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