NBA 2K: LeBron James-Steph Curry Mashup

NBA 2K21 – PC Mod

NBA 2K21 PC Mod

What if there was a player that combined the best of Los Angeles Lakers star LeBron James with the elite shooting skills of Golden State Warriors star Stephen Curry? OK, what’s more strange than that? What if their looks were combined as well? We did the experiment on NBA 2K21 on PC thanks to an outstanding modding tool created by Looyh.

The cool, but disturbing amalgamation of skill and looks came to fruition.

Behold, the King Chef, Stephen James. The unveiling starts around the 2:47 mark, but the lead-up explains the 2K-centric science project.

There are also highlights of Stephen James abusing the Minnesota Timberwolves.

I Combined LeBron James and Steph Curry into One PlayerStephen Curry… The greatest shooter to ever play basketball, and Lebron James…One of the greatest players and athletes to ever step foot on the court. Well…have y’all ever thought about what would happen if they combined or fused like Dragon Ball and became one? Man, I love NBA 2K and mods. CyberFace Mixer was used…2021-08-10T08:16:59Z

Stephen James’ Attributes

While both James and Curry were rated a 97 in the last ratings update for NBA 2K21, the players are very different in the game.

When calculating both players’ total number of attributes and badges in NBA 2K21, James had a +348 advantage in total attributes and +59 edge in performance badges.

To put it more plainly, James has Curry beat in nearly every category related to raw athleticism (speed, strength and leaping ability), while Curry had the advantage in the skill-based metrics like shooting (from all areas besides dunking), dribbling and even passing.

I have a bone to pick with 2K in regard to the passing comparison. I contend James is as good, if not a better passer than Curry, but I digress.

Because of the way this shakes out, our Stephen James is an offensive machine without any real limitations when it comes to scoring or facilitating to teammates. His combination of size, athleticism and skill is unlike anything we’ve ever seen.

Quite honestly, most players who aspire to play in the NBA hope we never see anything like Stephen James in real life. Without a question, the amount of NBA championships he’d rack up could rival Boston Celtics great Bill Russell.

Creations Like This Are Only Available on PC

In the event you have NBA 2K21 on PlayStation 5 or Xbox One X and you’re hoping to come up with a creation like Stephen James, it’s going to be impossible. This sort of mashup is only possible using PC mods.

The NBA 2K modding community is among the most talented you’ll find. The imagination and technical savvy of people like Looyh add hours of fun and projects to the core game. They can also inspire features to be added to the retail version.

If this sort of tool can be concocted by a modder, surely there is a way to add this kind of randomization option in the NBA 2K create-a-player suite. In fact, their sister franchise WWE 2K has something similar, though not quite as complex as a part of their create-a-wrestler options.

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Let’s hope this tool and others like it helps push to expand what is already some solid creation options in the upcoming NBA 2K22.

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