NBA Star Charles Barkley Marriage with Maureen Blumhardt’s Raised Eyebrows in Late ‘80s

Charles Barkley, the man who made eleven All-Star Games and 10 All-NBA teams, has been able to keep his home for thirty-one years, despite getting married to Maureen Blumhardt at a time when interracial marriage was unacceptable.

Charles Barkley is a legend in the basketball world, and during the peak of his career, he ranked as one of the top players. Luckily for him, he has a fine and blessed marriage to go with his reputation in the field.

Unlike some African-American superstars, who have gotten overwhelmed with fame, and messed with their love life, Barkley has portrayed an exemplary character by staying by his family in their times of need.

Barkley can be likened to the unbeatable late NBA star, Kobe Bryant, who although loved his work, always put family first. And like Bryant, this basketball star also excelled in both. Barkley has also been in the news over affairs, some of which may have been true.

However, Barkley, who has been married for more than three decades to Blumhardt, and is blessed with a kid, has confidently addressed some of the rumors surrounding his marriage and continues to maintain an under-the-radar lifestyle while keeping his marriage safe.

Even though the basketball pro is famous for keeping his personal affairs under wraps, fans are aware that his marriage to Maureen Blumhardt raised eyebrows in the 80s as many wanted to know who the lucky woman was.

Charles Barkley played for the Philadelphia 76ers from 1984 until he joined the Phoenix, where he played for the 1992-1993 season.

After playing for several years, the basketball icon joined a group of analysts and panelists who were once NBA stars to comment on games, teams, and current players.

Apart from athleticism, he is also skilled at hosting shows like “Saturday Night Live,” which he anchored in 1993, 2010, 2012, and 2018, as well as the TNT four-hour series titled “American Race.”

Maureen Blumhardt is of a different race as her husband; she is a white woman who was formerly in the fashion world as a model; she also worked as a legal aide.

Blumhardt met the famous basketball player at a City Avenue restaurant, but in the process of knowing each other, developing a bond, and an inseparable relationship, they received judgmental and condescending stares.

It has been about thirty-one years since they took the bold step to pledge to be together forever, and while their marriage has been successful, Blumhardt has also excelled in her career path.

She is an ardent supporter that clamors and enlightens people on women’s rights and is an honorary member of the Fresh Women’s Association.


When the pair decided that it was time to put a binding title to their relationship by becoming husband and wife, they opted for a simple and secret wedding.

The fairytale lovers dumped the idea of having a big celebration with celebrities and paparazzi in attendance for a small and more intimate event in front of a judge.

They also did not want to be the center of attraction especially since their type of interracial marriage was unpopular at the time.

Their ability to blur their differences, with the ultimate goal of loving each other, was truly remarkable. These two are not only cute, but they also share a close bond, thanks to their longevity and connection.

After marriage, Barkley became more focused on taking care of his family. His wife admitted that her husband is a neat freak, ready to vacuum and carry out house chores.


Being a celebrity puts one in a vulnerable position. It pushes one to the forefront of the media lenses and sometimes this doesn’t look pretty. Many famous faces have found a way around their popularity status, and this is by letting out very little information.

Barkley has lived one of the most low-profile lifestyles following his marriage, but somehow his union has not escaped the grill that comes with the celebrity life.

Apart from their union not being widely accepted at the time of their wedding, some rumors have also shaken the stability of the former NBA star’s home.

In 1993, Barkley poked at the gossips. He issued a note of warning mixed with an appeal, requesting that the false rumors of him dating the singer Madonna be stopped.

He explained that the news may have aggravated his mother-in-law’s heart condition. The basketball star added that the older woman had been harassed consistently with numerous phone calls of people bugging her with news of an ongoing affair.

Barkley admitted that he met Madonna once at Phoenix but it was not because they were romantically involved. At the time, he was in a different city, while his wife resided in Philadelphia.

Still, his family got bullied and harassed back at home, which was rather troubling for the player who begged that he needed to concentrate on the NBA finals.

Years after the alleged affair by the media, the tabloids ran stories of how Barkley is seen at nightclubs, with strippers, and flirting with girls.

There was even news of a possible divorce following a long train of reported cheating scandals, but the couple has decided to focus on their love for each other, shutting out the rumors and truths. These lovers reside in their nearly 3 million dollars mansion in Scottsdale, Arizona.

The couple is as passionate about parenting as are about their union. After tieing the knot, they welcomed a daughter whom Barkley was excited and nervous to meet.

There were rumors that the pair has another son, however, the only confirmed truth is that they are parents to their daughter, Christiana Barkley, born in 1989. Although Christiana is her dad’s twin she does not follow his career path.

The young lady, who graduated from Villanova further her studies to read journalism at Columbia Journalism School. She is also interested in educating women and speaking on issues concerning her gender. Christiana is a part of the Fresh Start Women’s Foundation and is married to Ilya Hoffman.

Blumhardt and her husband have a close-knit relationship with their child. Barkley supports Villanova during their games to make his daughter happy, while his wife also attends red carpet events like the Fresh Start Fashion Gala with her child.


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