NBA Star Paul Pierce Sexually Harassed Waitress On National TV

Boston Celtics icon Paul Pierce, will be enshrined into the Naismith Basketball Hall of Fame on Saturday. But the retired NBA star is trending for something different.

Paul is under fire for appearing to sexually harass a waitress during the taping of a national TV show Hustler Casino Live.

Paul appeared to be drunk and/or high during the filming, When the waitress brought him a drink, the inebriated baller said to the server, “Where you stay at?”

He then continued on, offering her some financial “support.”

Paul ended the discussion by saying that he would provide the waitress some “oral support.”

Back in April, ESPN fired Paul Pierce after he published several Instagram videos of himself smoking marijuana surrounded by several half-naked women who looked like strippers.

According to reports then, ESPN was upset that Pierce chose to upload the videos on his own. If he had been filmed doing the same activities and they became public by someone else, he may have kept his job.

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