‘NCIS’ Season 19 Premiering Soon: Will Mark Harmon Return?

NCIS Season 19 is starting in a couple of weeks. How often will fans get to see Mark Harmon as Leroy Jethro Gibbs? This is the latest information we know about the upcoming season.

NCIS Season 19 Premiering Soon: Will Mark Harmon Return?

Will Mark Harmon be back for NCIS Season 19? According to Carter Matt, he will. However, there is no confirmation as to whether Gibbs will be back for a handful of episodes, or whether we will see him all season. One of the NCIS showrunners, Steven D. Binder, was rather cryptic in his prognostication of how often fans will see Mark Harmon.

“What we’re trying to focus on right now is telling the best stories we can with the characters we have — and Gibbs is a part of that world. And I think we’re doing a pretty good job with that.”

What exactly does this mean?

Did Gibbs Go Rogue?

We need to return to NCIS Season 18. In the final episode, Gibbs went out fishing. However, the handmade boat the Gibbs crafted exploded. Gibbs looked like he was floating face down. Surprisingly, he emerged. Unscathed. He appeared to be perfectly fine.

Moreover, he quickly swam away. The nature in which he left the scene made it clear that his death was staged. Should we assume that Ellie Bishop’s (Emily Wickersham) recent departure for an elite team could be the reason for Gibbs faking his death?

Bishop went rogue. That was to do some of the secret work Ziva was doing. Has Gibbs decided that he needs to go in an alternative direction as well?

In an interview with Just Jared, Steven D. Binder explained that they filmed that scene a few ways. “We shot a lot of different things for that [sequence], and there were a lot of different ways to cut it.” Therefore, they did this on purpose, to show ambiguity. Binder added, “And what we left with was something that we felt left all possibilities open. We know he’s not dead right there, and we know he’s able to swim well enough…. All things are still possible with Gibbs.”

More importantly, Gibbs will be hunting down a serial killer. Part of the time, he is cut off from the rest of the team. However, it does sound like there will be a type of reunion.

Sounds like there may be more than a handful of episodes with Mark Harmon? Binder told both publications that there is some misinformation shared. What is true is that they are dealing with Covid restrictions. That is affecting production. However, it does sound like there will be plenty of Gibbs in Season 19.

But, will he be Agent Gibbs? That may be the question to ask.

When Does NCIS Season 19 Start?

Catch the premiere of NCIS Season 19 on Monday, September 20, at 9 p.m. Eastern, on CBS.

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