NCT Renjun Selected as The Idol Who is Gryffindor Material + See Full List

NCT member Renjun was selected as the idol who is the most Gryffindor material in a recent poll held by StarPlay.

Keep on reading to see who made the top ten!

(Photo : CRAVITY Instagram | NCT Dream Twitter )

From September 16 to September 30, StarPlay held a poll titled “Find the Gryffindor material idol!” Users were encouraged to select their favorite idol, which they believed is Gryffindor material. The winner of the poll would win a Seoul Station CM board video advertisement as well as news PR, meaning South Korean news outlets would write about their win.

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For those who do not know, “Gryffindor material” refers to an courageous, chivalrous, and determined individual who can also be reckless and short-tempered. The phrase comes from the Harry Potter series, where one of the houses in Hogwarts is Gryffindor.

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Ranking at number one is NCT member Renjun! He received 1,807,339 votes, which is approximately 48.76% of the total votes cast.

Congratulations on winning the subway ad and news PR, Renjun!


(Photo : Renjun Instagram)

On June 28, NCT Dream, the NCT sub-unit Renjun is a member of, released their first repackaged studio album Hello Future. The said album contains a lead single of the same. The album contains all the song in Hot Sauce as well as three new songs: Hello Future, Bungee, and Life Is Still Going On.

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On May 10, NCT Dream released their first studio album Hot Sauce, with a title track of the same name. The said album contains ten songs. Prior to the release of Hot Sauce, it was reported that pre-orders for the album surpassed 1,716,571. The group their previous personal record for Reload.


(Photo : Renjun Instagram)

Hot Sauce topped the Gaon Album Chart, and their title track became the group’s first single to chart on the top of Gaon Digital Chart. On May 26, it was reported that NCT Dream became double million sellers after Hot Sauce sold more than 2,000,000 copies. 

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These are the Top 10 Gryffindor Material K-Pop Idols

1. NCT Renjun – 1,807,339 votes (48.76%)

2. CRAVITY Minhee – 1, 155,572 votes (31.18%)

3. TXT Soobin – 405,143 votes (10.93%)

4. BTS Jungkook – 260,534 votes (7.03%)

5. aespa Winter – 27,976 votes (0.75%)

6. AB6IX Park Woojin – 24,740 votes (0.67%)

7. Jo Yuri – 10,575 votes (0.29%)

8. ITZY Ryujin – 6,338 votes (0.17%)

9. DAY6 Jae – 5,551 votes (0.15%)

10. (G)I-DLE Yuqi – 2,475 votes (0.07%)

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