Nearly ALL The Shemwell Kids Return To School

The Blended Bunch matriarch, Erica Shemwell makes her return to social media. Erica shares an adorable photo of three of the older kids from a few weeks ago. However, these photos don’t show all of the kids’ first-day back-to-school smiles. Which of the 11 kids isn’t going to school? Keep reading to find out this and more.

The Blended Bunch matriarch makes her return to social media.

Unfortunately, The Blended Bunch is not making a return to TLC for Season 2. TV Shows Ace shares the news by way of an exclusive interview. At the time, Mark Letham (Erica’s late husband, Tony’s dad) shares that TLC decided to pull the plug on the series. Seemingly simultaneously, Erica’s brother, Quinn Kendall shares that he wasn’t sure if he was interested in being in any additional season.

Usually, fans would be able to keep up with their favorite TLC stars by following them on social media. Sadly, that seems to not be the case for a while when it came to Erica’s social media. Erica can go weeks without updating her Instagram. She gives sort of an explanation on her most recent post. The former TLC star writes, “Took a little break from social media. Annnnnnd we are back!”

TLC The Blended Bunch

Prior to this, Erica’s last post on Instagram is from five weeks ago. In this post, she shares a collage of photos with a lengthy caption about big families. From the looks of it, they got a bunch of the extended family together. Erica writes, “What a blessing for our kids to have several grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins who love them so much.”

The Blended Bunch Erica Shemwell
Instagram Erica Shemwell

Erica returns to Instagram with a bunch of back-to-school photos

For Erica’s first post on social media in five weeks, she shares a series of photos of all of the kids’ first day of school. She explains that the “First day of school started a couple of weeks ago!” Additionally, Erica shares that they have kids in 8th grade all the way down to kindergarten. With 11 kids, it is easy to see how they could have a kid in each grade. However, not all of the kids are in school. Caleb gets to spend his day at home. That’s because he’s only three years old.

The Blended Bunch Erica Shemwell back-to-school
Instagram Erica Shemwell

What do you think about Erica Shemwell returning to social media? What do you think Caleb does all day without his 10 other siblings?

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