Ned Unnerved, Observes Austin’s ‘Untypical’ Doctor Behavior

General Hospital spoilers reveal that Ned Quartermaine (Wally Kurth) has a new suspicion about Austin Gatlin-Holt (Roger Howarth). After Austin refuses Ned’s settlement offer, Leo Falconeri (Aaron Bradshaw) is brought into the hospital. Ned watches as Austin examines Leo and notices the doctor is acting in a very “untypical” way.

General Hospital Spoilers – Leo Falconeri’s Injury

GH spoilers reveal that Leo is brought into the hospital by Olivia Quartermaine (Lisa LoCiciero). Leo has a cut finger that concerns Olivia, so she wants a doctor to take a look at it. The doctor that looks at Leo is none other than Austin. It happens during the same time that Ned is trying to negotiate an out-of-court settlement with Austin, which the doctor turns down.

GH Spoilers – Boy Examined

Ned watches Austin very closely when Leo is being examined. He wasn’t suspicious of Austin’s explanation of why he couldn’t accept his offer. However, that seems to change when Ned observes Leo being tended to by Austin. Over the years, Ned has seen a lot of doctors look after patients, including pediatricians. There is something off about the way Austin is behaving.

General Hospital Spoilers – Ned Quartermaine Unnerved

General Hospital spoilers reveal that Ned knows deep inside that there is something else going on during Austin’s examination of Leo. The actor told Soap Opera Digest,

“Ned observes Austin be a doctor in a way that isn’t typical of a pediatrician looking at a little boy with a cut finger. It feels to Ned that there is something else going on there.”

GH Spoilers – Follow-Up Insistence

Before Ned, Olivia and Leo leave the hospital, Austin has one more thing to say. The doctor suggests that Leo have a follow-up just to be sure everything is okay. However, Austin doesn’t recommend that Leo be seen by his regular doctor. Instead, he wants the boy to be brought back to him. Austin has a reason for this but what exactly is it? What kind of information can Austin get from a little boy? Or does Austin have a message to Leo that he wants to be shared with Ned and Olivia?


Around that time, Austin gets a message from Harrison Chase (Josh Swickard). The paralyzed detective has found the papers Austin has been searching for.

What do you think of Austin turning down Ned’s offer? Do you believe that Austin is being honest when he says that it’s not about the money? Why does the doctor insist that Leo be brought back to him for a follow-up instead of his own pediatrician? We will have to keep watching the ABC soap to find out how this story develops.

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