Neighbors Use Ring Camera to Alert Woman of Approaching Blaze

A video showing two neighbors warning a woman through her Ring security camera that her house is on fire has gone viral. 

“Once again, Ring saves a life,” reads the caption of the video, which has received more than 800,000 views. “These amazing neighbors saved this family.”

The video was shared on TikTok by user Jaffy Creeks who has more than 91,000 followers. 

The video shows a man peeping into the camera, frantically saying, “Your house is almost on fire!”

“Okay okay, thank you thank you!” says the woman inside the house. In the video, she is identified as “Gladys.” 

The video then cuts to the moments before, where the man is approaching the house. Another neighbor, standing in front of Gladys’s door, explains to the man that Gladys isn’t answering.

“Their house is on fire,” the man says, referring to the unit right next to Gladys’s

“I know I know, I’m knocking on the door, nobody is answering,” the woman says, as the man keeps banging on Gladys’s door. 

The man then comes back to Gladys’ and keeps banging on the door to alert her.  A few seconds later, Gladys appears at the door carrying a child. “Can you help me?” she asks.

The man comes to her door and picks up the child, while Gladys goes back inside and comes back out with another child, hands the child over to the man. 

She momentarily walks back in, before running out after the man. 

According to a text that appears later in video, Gladys said she would not open the door had it not been for the Ring camera, presumably because she wouldn’t typically answer the door for strangers in the middle of the night.

People were moved by the kindness of the man.

“thank god there is still good people in this world,” wrote one user.

“Idk why I started crying when he was helping with the kids,” wrote another user.

“Crying at the way she can can you help me and he just grab the baby and took her to safety,” another user wrote.

It was not immediately clear where or when the incident took place.

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*First Published: Aug 25, 2021, 7:24 pm CDT

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