Neighbour sends note about man’s music that’s the ‘opposite of a noise complaint’

A man who claimed he received a note from his neighbour stating that they would “like to discuss your music” was left stunned to discover it wasn’t the angry complaint he was expecting

The man claims the note was left alongside a cold beer (stock image)

Becoming embroiled in a bitter dispute with a neighbour can lead to years of back and forth as you attempt to make each other’s lives as unpleasant as possible.

So when one man claimed he received a note informing him that someone living in close proximity “would like to discuss your music”, he must have began to prepare to defend himself against an impending noise complaint.

But it turns out he had no reason to worry, as Twitter user @Binhcao uploaded a photo of the message with the caption: “Just got the opposite of a noise complaint. Left me a cold Coors lite too!”

It reads: “Dear neighbour. I live next door and I would like to discuss your music. 1) Turn it the f*** up. I’m not joking. You play good s***!”

The note requested a link to the playlist

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“2) Tell me what songs you’re playing. I need that s*** for my playlist. 3) I’m not being ironic or anything, I’ve really enjoyed the music you’ve played since you moved in.

“Sincerely, Todd (the male part of the couple next door). Send me some songs!” Underneath, a handwritten addition says: “No joke – Good music!”

The tweet has racked up almost half a million likes, as one person echoed many comments by writing: “Hold up you can’t post this without a link to a playlist I need to know what Todd is hearing!!”

In response, an update was posted with a link to a 100-song Spotify playlist, with the message: “Here’s the playlist I made: inspired by Todd & dedicated to all the chill neighbors out there.”

Other people shared their own similar experiences, as one wrote: “I love the energy this gives off. It reminds me of when a neighbour once came around and said she heard me singing, and I was expecting an earful for being too loud… and she invited me to a singing circle, because I ‘had such a nice voice’.”

And another said: “I did that to my neighbour in Edinburgh when they had a party and were playing Miles Davis… it was sooooo good!”

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