Netflix Daybreak season 2: Release date, cast & What you can expect


Netflix Daybreak’s new teen vs zombie show may have familiar elements and pop culture references, but it definitely exists in its own league. Naturally, those who have finished their explosive first season are already clamoring for the confirmation of Daybreak season 2, complete with Queen Sam and whatever else writers have in the store.

Daybreak somehow manages to close the story of Ferris Bueller’s day off with ironic audience interactions and an age-old story centered on the idea of teenagers surviving in Glendale, California, after the apocalyptic. Sounds strange (and it is), but it also works, so these first 10 episodes are so easy to watch.

But, while we wait patiently for our joy (or devastation), this is what is at stake in the world of Glendale, full of Ghoulie, and what elements are prepared for a deeper digging itself.

What about all these fantastic side characters?

During the first season of Daybreak, some secondary characters were introduced and now that Eli (disappeared too soon) and Burr are dead, there is room for some new main courses. Enter Demi, KJ and Victoria.

It is said that Demi, the co-leader of the Cheermazons, is missing after Burr fires his bomb. It appeared in some episodes, so it seems unlikely that he will have a death off the screen without being mentioned again. If he returns, he will probably join Sam and Mona Lisa, since these are women in charge.

Demi’s co-leader, Victoria, decides to join Josh after his interpreter is killed because he is the only person who understands sign language. There were also some romantic sparks that shone between Victoria and Josh and considering that Sam only took his affection and said, “Nah, brother,” Josh will probably be looking for a new object of affection.


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