Netflix Drops First Look of OZARK Season 4

Look at Netflix trying to tease all of us again.

As we await the arrival of Yellowstone 4, and Stranger Things 4, there’s yet another fourth (and final) season we’ve all been hanging on the edge of our seats for…

And that’s the new season of Ozark.

*Spoiler Alert… you’ve been warned.

Last season ended with the wild death of Wendy Byrde’s brother Ben, and a pissed off Jonah after discovering Wendy’s role in the hit. And when Marty and Wendy arrive to Mexico, Helen got her head blown off at the order of cartel leader Omar Navarro.

Needless to say, it’s had all of us thirsting for more.

And now, we’re finally getting a taste of what season four will bring to the table.

Netflix dropped a teaser that appears to display the Byrde family getting acclimated to the Navarro drug cartel, and only a minute in, you can tell that this season could be a blood bath.

At the end, you see Marty and Wendy trying to clean off a ton of blood (presumably what’s left of Helen’s head), and right when the teaser is about to end, you hear the door slowly creep open.

There’s still no exact date on the season release, but we do know for a fact it will be a two-part final season, with both parts premiering sometime in 2022.

Buckle up.


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