Netflix crime drama Seoul Vibe Netflix Release Date, What We Know

Just as the world has said goodbye to the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, the news comes that Netflix is releasing a new K-drama film titled Seoul Vibe. The movie is a crime drama, taking place in the 1988 Seoul Olympics. So far, we do know there will be a high-speed and thrilling car chase through the streets of Seoul. While it will be some time before the film premieres on the streaming channel, here’s what we know so far.

Netflix Original crime drama Seoul Vibe

When it comes to its original films and series, Netflix has invested hundreds of millions of dollars into the South Korean market. This has turned out to be the ideal move. Due to the investment, Korean movies and series continue to be the most loved and watched Netflix Originals. Meanwhile, 2022 is already getting ready to be another exciting year for K-drama films and series on the streaming channel.

We have recently announced the release of a number of South Korean films and series on Netflix. These include Hotel Del Luna, and D.P. However, the latest news is about Seoul Vibe, an original crime drama movie, directed by Moon Hyun Sung.

As at August 14, the latest production status of the film is that it is currently in filming. As for the filming locations, these include Eurwang-dong, Jung-gu and Incheon in South Korea. While it is unclear how long filming will take, it is expected to be complete by around November of December this year.

Synopsis and cast of Seoul Vibe

The storyline is set in 1988, right in the middle of the Seoul Olympic Games. The action starts with a thrilling car chase through the streets of Seoul. Meanwhile, the Samgyedong Supreme Team is a crew of talented drivers taking part in the Olympics. How do they find themselves involved in the investigation of a slush fund?

A list of the talented cast of the film has been released by Netflix. The list includes Yoo Ah In as Dong Wook, Go Kyung Pyo as Woo Sam, Lee Kyu Hyung as Bok Nam and Park Joo Hyun as Yoon Hee.

Netflix is releasing a new K-drama Seoul Vibe

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Also starring are Ong Seong Wu as Joon Gi, Kim Sung Kyun as Director Lee, Moon So Ri as Chairwoman Kang and Jung Woong In as the Chief Prosecutor.

When will Seoul Vibe drop on Netflix?

As filming is currently ongoing, we are unlikely to see Seoul Vibe stream on Netflix this year. However, it is expected that the new K-drama film will drop on the streaming channel in or around the spring or summer of 2022.

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