Netflix Remakes ’90s Movie, and It Instantly Hits No. 1
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Netflix Remakes ’90s Movie, and It Instantly Hits No. 1

The gender-swapped remake of She’s All That hit Netflix on Friday. The new movie, He’s All That, now stands in the top spot on Netflix’s Top 10 in the U.S. this weekend. The movie also topped the Top 10 Movies chart. He’s All That marks the acting debut of TikTok star Addison Rae, who plays Padget Sawyer. Cobra Kai star Tanner Buchanan plays Cameron Kweller.

He’s All That centers on Padgett’s challenge to turn the least popular boy at school, Cameron, into prom king in an attempt to avenge herself after a fallout with her boyfriend. Like She’s All That before it, the plot is inspired by George Bernard Shaw’s play Pygmalion and the musical My Fair Lady. She’s All That star Rachael Leigh Cook plays Padgett’s mother. Madison Pettis, Matthew Lillard, Peyton Meer, Myra Molloy, and Isabella Crovetti also star. R. Lee Fleming Jr. wrote the script and Mark Waters (Mean Girls, Bad Santa 2) directed.

The quick popularity of He’s All That and its overcoming of mostly negative reviews is unsurprising considering Rae’s popularity. Rae has over 83.1 million followers on TikTok and over 5 billion likes, so every post she made promoting the movie there was guaranteed millions of views. On Friday, she posted a video with Buchanan announcing it was now available, and it racked up 8.4 million views in 24 hours. Meanwhile, Netflix’s YouTube post of the trailer has just 2.7 million views since Aug. 4.

Rae sees the movie as the next step in her career. In an interview with The Los Angeles Times this week, Rae admitted she doesn’t feel the same pressure to constantly post on TikTok and other social media platforms. The Kardashians have suggested she share less about her private life as she gets more involved with other projects. She is no longer making TikTok posts whenever she gets bored. “Now, it’s just time for me to take that extra step, go the extra mile to make sure people can see my passion for acting going forward,” Rae explained. “I really hope that people give [the movie] a chance — give me a chance to show myself as an actress and not go into it with a negative mindset.”

Rae also earned praise from Cook, who told Bustle she “isn’t making any of the same mistakes” she made. “I think the worst mistake young actors make is thinking that acting seems really straightforward and easy and that everyone can learn a couple lines and be cute and go through the motions,” Cook said, adding that Rae took in everything while making the movie. “For someone who’s as insanely, wildly popular as she is, she doesn’t have an ego about listening to new ideas from the director,” Cook said.

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