Netflix Renews Popular True-Crime Series for Season 3

Netflix has renewed Unsolved Mysteries for a third season, due out in the summer of 2022. On Wednesday, Netflix announced a new installment of the true-crime docu-series with a triumphant title card on social media. Fans are clamoring for another round of mysteries to obsess over.

Unsolved Mysteries is one of the biggest titles ever to be adapted into a Netflix original series. The show first premiered in the 1980s and 1990s, gaining worldwide acclaim by examining stories about crime, the paranormal and plain old human interest stories. The Netflix revival has a bit of a different format, and according to a report by Deadline, Season 3 will have some brand new changes in store for fans.

So far, The Netflix original series Unsolved Mysteries has devoted more time to each of its stories than the original version tended to. This will continue in Season 3, with updates where possible since the media attention has led to some fresh tips on many of these mysteries. Netflix and 21 Laps Entertainment have reportedly received over 5,000 tips since the revival premiered.

“We feel thrilled and privileged to be filming volume 3 of Unsolved Mysteries,” said producers Shawn Levy and Josh Barry. “The massive success of our last two volumes on Netflix proved that there is enduring and passionate love for this iconic franchise, and we can’t wait to dig into more of the stories that Unsolved Mysteries tells so uniquely well. 21 Laps is committed to emotional humanist stories, and to be able to tell more of these true stories of mystery alongside Cosgrove/Meurer who produced the original series is a dream come true.”

 Fellow producer Terry Dunn Meurer added: “The Unsolved Mysteries production team at Cosgrove/Meurer Productions couldn’t be more excited about developing volume 3 of our successful Netflix series. We’re currently in production on more intriguing mysteries and we look forward to our viewers’ help in solving the new cases next summer. Thank you to our Unsolved Mysteries fans who have made the series such a huge success.”

Unsolved Mysteries Season 3 is slated to premiere in the summer of 2022 on Netflix. The first two seasons are streaming there now, and the original version of the series from decades past is streaming on Amazon Prime’s IMDbTV channel for free with ads.

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