Netflix Revives Cartoon Network Show, and Longtime Fans Are Weighing In

Nearly a decade after it aired its final episode, one beloved animated Cartoon Network series is back on the small screen thanks to Netflix. On July 16, the streaming giant premiered its Johnny Test reboot, much to the delight of longtime fans who had been waiting years to see more of Johnny, Duckey, and Susan and Mary’s wild adventures.

Originally airing for a total of 117 episodes – Seasons 1-3 aired on The WB/The CW followed by Season 4-6 on Cartoon Network – between 2005 and 2014, Johnny Test follows the wacky adventures of imaginative boy Johnny, his dog Dukey and his science-loving twin sisters, Susan and Mary. Netflix’s official synopsis reads, “How much trouble could one imaginative boy, his faithful dog and two science-loving sisters possibly get into? Hmm, that sounds like a challenge!” In the streamer’s reboot, there’s a device called the GPS-scape that can send the gang around the globe, and there is a robot baby introduced to the Test family.

After Johnny Test came to an end in 2014, it was confirmed in May 2020 that Netflix was reviving the animated series. The streamer gave fans their first glimpse of the show in June of this year, and fans were quick to weigh in with their thought on the reboot when Johnny Test dropped its seventh season, its first from Netflix, on July 16. Keep scrolling to see what fans are saying.

“Wait wtfffffffff Netflix has its own season of Johnny Test??????” one person surprised by the reboot wrote. “When did this happen.”


“NETFLIX HAS REMADE JOHNNY TEST?!?!!?!?!??!??” asked somebody else before weighing in with their opinion of the reboot. “IT’S AWFUL THE ANIMATION LOOKS WEIRD AND THEY CHANGED THE THEME SONG!!!!!”


“I just got watching Netflix’s Johnny Test and I have to admit that I actually enjoyed more than the later seasons of Johnny Test and to an lesser extent first 3 seasons,” added one person. “While Johnny Test was a flawed but decent show, Netflix’s Johnny Test improves it to become what the show should had been during Season 1 but with the continuity of the later seasons remaining intact.”


“So, Netflix’s Johnny Test continuation is actually pretty good,” wrote another. “It looks softer in design but still goes hard conceptually. I actually unironically enjoyed the original for a looong time before starting to lose interest; I guess ’21 reminded me why I liked it in the first place.”


“I grew up watching the original and the early seasons we’re really great, later seasons lacked but I liked the slight continuity between everybody,” shared somebody else. “The reboot seems to keep early season aspects while also acknowledging the connections from previous seasons.”


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