Netflix’s ‘Kissing Booth 3’ Is Here & You Should Skip Streaming It

Netflix’s Kissing Booth 3 is finally here, and if you are wondering whether to skip it or stream it — we recommend skipping this installment in the teenage rom-com. Kissing Booth was recognized as one of the most streamed Netflix Original Films. It was so popular; it wasn’t too much of a surprise that it renewed for a second and third installment. Fans of Kissing Booth were devastated that the third movie was also the final installment. But, they looked forward to finally getting some closure on this adorable teenage love story.

Unfortunately, Kissing Booth 3 leaves a lot to be desired. And, we at TvShows Ace are recommending fans of Kissing Booth stick to streaming the first and second installment. The third installment does NOT give fans the closure or end game they are looking for. So, we recommend that you skip streaming Kissing Booth 3. 

Kissing Booth 3 dropped today: Stream or skip?

As someone who has watched and adored both the first and second movie, the third one is NOT worth watching. It’s slow. It’s boring. And, it is unfortunate. This three-movie series makes you fall in love with all of these characters to break your heart in the final movie.

Kissing Booth

If you are hoping Elle and Noah will get their happy ending… You are in for a HUGE disappointment. Before the movie ends, both couples break up. Even worse, there is a moment where Lee and Elle more or less break up too. Then, at the very end of the movie, things fast forward six years. We learn Noah and Elle STILL aren’t together. Lee and Rachel, however, do find their way back to each other and are planning to get married.

Unfortunately, the movie comes to a close without Elle and Noah working things out. So, fans don’t really get the happy ending or end game they are hoping for.

Kissing Booth

So, for those who want Elle and Noah to have a happy ending… You are better off skipping the third movie and pretending the second movie was actually the last one.

The lighting was weird throughout the movie.

Now, a lot of Kissing Booth 3 felt a little like Netflix slapped it together. There were some weird lighting issues in different scenes throughout the whole movie. For example, two people would have a conversation, and the lighting would be significantly darker for just one of the people in the conversation.

Arguably, the bloopers at the movie’s very end were the best part of Kissing Booth 3.

Kissing Booth 3

Unfortunately for those who were looking forward to this movie, we highly suggest skipping it. It just isn’t perfect.

Have you checked out Kissing Booth 3 yet? Please share your thoughts with us in the comments.


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