Netflix’s ‘Love Is Blind’: After the Altar  Special Reunites Season 1 Cast

Netflix will be airing Love Is Blind: After the Altar, a three part special reuniting the cast from the runaway hit that was season 1.

The three-episode special premieres July 28 and the preview released on Thursday shows featured season 1 cast members gathering to celebrate the 2 year wedding anniversaries of two successful couples to come from the show, Amber and Matt Barnett and Lauren and Cameron Hamilton.

Netflix’s ‘Love Is Blind’: After the Altar  Special Reunites Season 1 Cast

“Two years ago, we fell in love and chose someone to marry without ever seeing them,” Lauren gushes in the teaser. Cameron, her husband adds, “It’s very special to see everyone again.”

Unfortunately, not everyone left the show living happily ever after in a fairytale. Diamond Jack, who had a contentious, short-lived relationship and even worse break-up Carlton Morton admits she’s still looking for Mr. Right.

Carlton, her ex reveals in the preview, “I’m still emotional about [the break-up] so much time after.”

Jessica Batten, the show’s villain, earning that name for chasing after Amber’s man while she had chosen the younger Mark Cuevas for herself,  reflects on her experience, saying, “Going through the experiment, I really kind of crashed and burned in front of the world.”

Jessica has since found love off-camera, but Matt and Amber don’t seem to be in a rush to reconnect with their former castmate.

“What do you think about seeing Jessica?” a producer asks Matt in the promo. “Next question,” Matt responds.

Meanwhile Jessica’s ex, Mark is engaged and has a new baby son.

Another fan favorite, Kelly Chase is seen in the preview, discussing how her ex-fiancé,  Kenny Barnes had been “fooling” her the whole time…we are here for that tea!

Love Is Blind: After the Altar premieres July 28 on Netflix. Hopefully this is a tasty morsel being delivered just before a second season of the ‘dating in the dark’ reality series.

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