Netflix’s ‘Maid’ Trailer Is Trending — Is the Show Based on a True Story?

It has long been said that some of the best shows are those that have relatable storylines. From Insecure describing the trials and tribulations modern-day Black women experience to My Unorthodox Life detailing how amazing life can be once you live your truth, showrunners can never go wrong with relatable content. And since Netflix is known for delivering relatable content and true stories, the streaming platform’s new series Maid is set to be a breakout hit.

Netflix’s Maid is a comedy-drama that tells the tale of a young woman who works as a housekeeper. In the trailer, viewers see her describe a life of luxury that doesn’t quite mirror her own. Now that the trailer has been making its rounds online, fans are wondering if the series is based on a true story. Keep reading to get your answer.

So, is Netflix’s ‘Maid’ based on a true story?

As the trailer starts, viewers begin to follow the story of single mother Alex (Margaret Qualley). Alex can be seen writing in a journal as she explains that she’s working on a story about a woman.

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The teaser continues with glimpses of Alex playing with her young daughter. Alex then goes on to share more details about the woman she’s writing about.

“She lives in a big, beautiful house. It’s the kind of house that’s on the cover of a magazine,” Alex says.

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During Alex’s explanation, her daily life of cleaning mansions and relying on public assistance programs to make ends meet for her family becomes clear to viewers.

The trailer shows just how much Alex wishes that her life was different. Despite going through the hardship of poverty and balancing the role of motherhood, she’s committed to doing her best to ensure that she can provide for her little girl. As a result, writing serves as a distraction from Alex’s reality.

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