‘never home with their kids’ & always on ‘date night’, This is what Duggar fans say about Jinger & Jeremy Vuolo

DUGGAR fans commented on Jinger and her husband, Jeremy Vuolo’s frequent outings after the reality star shared another snap of the pair on social media.

Earlier this year, The Sun exclusively revealed that the couple planned to hire a nanny to help care for their children as they’re struggling amid the pandemic with no family nearby.

Fans pointed out how much time the couple seems to be spending away from their two children

The two have been spending more time together apart from their two kids: Felicity, two, and Evangeline, nine months, according to their Instagram accounts.

Jinger, 27, shared a photo of her and her former soccer star husband getting close for the camera during a recent night out.

Jeremy, 34, sported all black while his wife donned a gray tracksuit and showed off her new shorter hairstyle.

The couple appeared to be taking a walk near their Los Angelas, California home as white string lights are beaming in the background.

Although many commented on the “adorable” photo with kind words, some fans questioned the pair’s persistent evenings alone without their children.

One user wrote in all caps: ” Are you ever at home with your children, or are you just always doing photo ops?”

Earlier this month, Jeremy captured a sweet snap of their evening together, captioning the post: “Date night.”

And last month, the mom of two and her husband enjoyed an intimate dinner at a Japanese restaurant without the little ones.


Back in January, a source told The Sun that Jinger and Jeremy were having “marital issues” two months after the birth of their second daughter, leading them to consider hiring help for their children.

The insider said: “Jinger is especially exhausted, and Jeremy took time off work to help care for the children, but they are looking at hiring a nanny to give them some respite.

“Things have been difficult, and they’re feeling the strain, but they’re doing everything they can to keep their family together and also spend time focusing on each other.

“Jinger and Jeremy have started dressing up and cooking at home for a special date night after the girls go to bed; it’s become a cute day for them to reconnect every few weeks.”


Fans on social media previously pointed out how “tired” Jinger looked and asked Jeremy to step up more so she could have a break from mothering duties.

One wrote: “You look so tired, Jinger. Daddy needs to watch the girls while you get needed sleep.XOXO.”

Another added on Instagram: “Jinger take some time to rest. You look so tired. Take it easy.”

“They are still very much in love, and divorce is not on the cards; they just want to work through things and come out of this difficult period together and stronger as a family,” the source previously told The Sun.


Fans have speculated for months the couple, who married in November 2016, maybe having issues in their marriage.

One social media user claimed he is “constantly interrupting her.”

Another wrote on Reddit: “I don’t know what’s worse, him sneering down at her or the fact that she lets it happen.”

Sharing a photo of the Counting On alums doing their podcast, a third user also wrote: “Jinger looks so annoyed by Jerm. If y’all ever want to see the dynamic of their relationship, listen to one of their podcast episodes.”

“She looks like she’s questioning her whole life,” a fourth remarked.

Earlier this year, a source revealed that they were hiring a nanny to help take care of their kids


Earlier this year, a source revealed that they were hiring a nanny to help take care of their kidsCredit: Instagram

The source also said that the couple were having marital issues and were working through them


The source also said that the couple were having marital issues and were working through themCredit: TLC

Some fans speculated that the two were having marriage troubles saying that Jinger doesn't seem happy


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