Never Leave Your Keys To Your Best Friend!

There once was a brave knight that fought and defended a village from evil forces that threaten the livelihood of the citizens that live there. The knight was well celebrated and was even given in hand the most beautiful women in the village.

After months of peace, word traveled to the village that a monstrous creature was found blocking the passageway of a canal that supplies water to the hamlets around it. As one of the villages to receive water through that passageway, the monstrous creature proved to be a menace, cutting of the most basic necessity for farming.

Concerned about the issue, the villagers gathered one day and sought the aid of the brave knight promising him a handsome reward. Motivated more by the adventure that lies ahead than the bounty, the brave knight agreed to slay the monster and return the waterline to normal.

As he was packing his supplies, a sudden surge of worry ran through him. Since his venture could take days to complete, he worried that his wife might be unfaithful to their marriage. Filled with doubt, the brave knight tied an iron chastity belt with a lock on his wife.

He then gave the keys to his best friend with a demand that he could unlock her if the brave knight doesn’t return in two years. As his friend agreed, the brave knight packed up his horse and ventured out to seek his village from the danger that loomed.

After a few minutes on the road, the brave knight turned back to bid farewell to his beloved village and wife, in case he doesn’t return from this dangerous adventure. All of a sudden to his surprise, he found a huge dust cloud emerging from the horizon. Curious, the brave knight stood to witness the event.

As the dust cloud closer, he realized it was his best friend riding along with a few other horsemen. When his best came closer, he told the brave knight, “You gave me the wrong keys!”.

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