New car tax changes could see motorists fined £160 for driving in London

Motorists could risk a hefty fine if they drive within the expanded Ultra Low Emission Zone and fail to pay the daily charge.

The fee could be reduced to just £80 from £160 if the penalty is paid within 14 days.

Under current rules, drivers must pay a £12.50 daily fee when passing through the ULEZ zone in areas of central London.

It covers roads in the heart of the capital from Westminster to Southwark.

But the new expansion from October 25 will see almost all the roads inside the North and South Circular impacted too.

The changes mean residents must pay £12.50 per day to use to streets or risk a hefty penalty.

Motorists must pay a daily charge if they pass through the zone
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PCN’s will be issued to those who do not meet the new ULEZ Euro 5 diesel or Euro 6 petrol standards and charges aren’t paid.

The fees must be paid by midnight on the next working day after the first day of travel.

And penalties will be given if vehicles have not been registered with TfL.

Meanwhile drivers who give the wrong number plate details or the wrong date of travel could face trouble too.

New signs for the ultra-low emission zone
The zone has expanded to cover more parts of the capital
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Motorists who choose to pay the fee by post but didn’t allow at least 10 days for it to clear can also land a fine.

TfL said: “We may issue a PCN if you drive within the ULEZ without meeting emissions standards or paying the daily charge.

“You may receive separate PCNs for each charging day that you drive within the ULEZ.

“Please remember that the charging hours are from midnight to midnight.”

Just note if the fee isn’t paid within 28 days, a Charge Certificate will be sent to the registered keeper of the vehicle.

It will increase by 50% and means road users can no longer challenge the penalty.

And if it’s not paid within 154 days of a Charge Certificate being issued an Order for Recovery will be sent.

You can view whether you’re due any PCN fees by heading to the Transport for London website.

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