New Duggar Rebels? Justin & Claire Might Be Breaking Jim Bob’s Rules

Over the weekend, Justin and Claire Duggar celebrated their six-month wedding anniversary. On social media, Claire shared a sweet post, which includes a couple of pictures. In her caption, she wrote, “This week we celebrated 6 months of marriage! 🤍 Time is flying by, and we are loving every moment! When God brings you together, He does more than you could ever imagine!”

Fans and critics were surprised to see that Justin and Claire have been married for six months but still haven’t announced that they are expecting. When they got married earlier this year, fans assumed a pregnancy announcement would come soon after. It’s not uncommon for Duggars to conceive shortly after they tie the knot.

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Justin & Claire Duggar rebelling against Jim Bob?

Now, Counting On viewers are speculating that Justin and Claire are using some type of birth control, which is not allowed by the Duggar family. Years ago, Michelle Duggar shared about her miscarriage before becoming pregnant with her son Josh. She believed that the miscarriage was God’s punishment for her using birth control. So, from that point, she let God decide how many kids she would have. Though Jill Dillard has been open about using birth control, it seems like most of the other family members are leaving their family sizes up to a higher power.

So, because Justin and Claire aren’t yet expecting, it looks like they could be rebelling against Jim Bob and Michelle. On Instagram, Katie Joy of Without a Crystal Ball shared her thoughts, writing, “Who else thinks they are using birth control?”

Someone else added, “I hope they using birth control wait few years enjoy being young.” Another user points out how young they are, writing, “They’re just babies. It would be good to wait to have babies.”

Others think that it may be taking Justin and Claire a little while to conceive, which is why there hasn’t been an announcement yet. It’s also possible that they are expecting and haven’t announced it yet. Maybe Claire is only a few weeks along and not ready to share the news. Or maybe they are waiting to have kids so they can enjoy their time together as a married couple.

So, do you think that Justin and Claire Duggar are breaking the rules? Or do you think they’re expecting and just haven’t made an announcement yet? Let us know in the comments below.

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