New EU driving laws could see speed limiter tech installed to ‘end fines’

Speeding fines could become a thing of the past, thanks to new technology.

The Intelligent Speed Assistance (ISA) will prevent drivers breaking legal limits as it’ll reduce the risk of being caught speeding.

Now experts at say it is “certainly possible” the new tech could mean the end of speeding tickets.

It is believed the technology could come with a range of benefits, including lower car insurance costs.

Speed limits will be mandatory in all new cars sold in the EU from 2022 making it difficult for drivers to break rules.

And the tech could be better for the environment as CO2 emissions might also improve, said.

Speed limits will be mandatory in all new cars sold in the EU soon

The experts added: “Besides the life-saving potential of the technology, it’s thought that car insurance premiums could be lower.

“Fuel efficiency and CO2 emissions might also improve as a result. Could the new system spell an end to speeding fines, too?

“It’s certainly possible, and it’s a feature that Ford has capitalised on when promoting the ISA in its vehicles.

“The new automatic detection software spots walkers, cyclists and vulnerable road users.

“With the new software in place, people may feel safer and be more likely to walk or cycle.”

Motorway rush hour traffic
It will help people to avoid speeding fines

Some firms have launched their own versions of the speed limiter tools ahead of the 2022 rule change.

Ford has promoted the benefits of the new ISA tool advertising that it helps drivers “avoid speeding fines and driving bans”.

They also revealed how it could help lower the risk of an accident.

It is expected the UK will adopt the new rules despite leaving the EU, although nothing has been confirmed yet.

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Meanwhile SEAT has predicted motorists could save up to £327million in speeding fines when the new tool is used.

It comes after analysis from the group found 10% of drivers had been caught speeding.

Often drivers pay around £100 on a speeding ticket with around 37 million drivers on UK roads.

Richard Harrison, Managing Director of SEAT UK, said the new tools would “make drivers safer on the road”.

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