New Hi-Res Hawkeye Merch Art Reveals Clint’s New Costume

With What If…? concluding its first season this week, it’s time for Marvel fans to prepare for the next MCU TV series, Hawkeye, to get here. After 10 years in the franchise, Jeremy Renner’s avenging archer is finally getting his own solo vehicle, with the much-anticipated show seeing Clint Barton team up with protégé Kate Bishop (Hailee Steinfeld).

We’ve already got the first trailer for the show, but this newly leaked merch art reveals our clearest look yet at Clint’s new costume. Comic book fans have always been disappointed in the hero’s MCU suits, which haven’t bothered to replicate his classic look from the source material. But Hawkeye promises to rectify that somewhat by adding some much-needed purple to his uniform.

Twitter user @CreamOrScream shared these two pieces of Hawkeye promotional art, which showcase various merchandise designs as well as freshly detailed glimpses at how Clint and Kate will appear in the upcoming Marvel Studios production. As we first saw in set pics, Steinfeld’s Kate will definitely please fans as she looks like she’s walked straight out of a Matt Faction and David Aja comic.

The first Hawkeye trailer ramped up the hype for the series as it promised a Christmas-set action/adventure, drawing comparisons to Die Hard and Shane Black movies. Speaking of, this makes it the first yuletide-set entry in the universe since Iron Man 3. On top of that, fans can’t wait to meet Kate, who promises to be a major player in the MCU going forward, what with the Young Avengers on the horizon. Much like Black Widow was for Scarlett Johansson, though, this could be Clint Barton’s final hour.

Jeremy Renner was just heard in last week’s episode of What If…?. Catch him in Hawkeye when the six-part series, which also features Vera Farmiga, Alaqua Cox and Florence Pugh, launches November 24th on The CW.


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