New Hope Fertility Center offers at-home IVF treatments

Fertility treatments can seem overwhelming for couples trying to start or grow their family. Navigating tests, treatment options and office visits can make the process stressful and inconvenient for many patients. New Hope Fertility, a New York City-based fertility center, is dedicated to putting patient comfort at the forefront of its medical care. With mini IVF options and at-home fertility treatments available, New Hope Fertility is taking a patient-first approach that they believe will become the future of fertility.

With over two decades of reproductive biology experience, Dr. John Zhang founded New Hope Fertility in 2004 and today brings passion and expertise to his role as medical director. A true pioneer in the area of minimally invasive fertility care, Dr. Zhang’s research and development of New Hope’s Mini IVF treatment is changing the way patients think about IVF.

Mini IVF is New Hope’s minimal-stimulation in vitro fertility treatment that offers a holistic approach and a gentle alternative to conventional IVF, resulting in a less painful, less stressful and less invasive treatment overall. While conventional IVF uses more medication to yield many eggs of a lower quality, Mini IVF concentrates on quality over quantity, conveniently involving more pills than injections, which results in a small number of eggs that are of a higher quality.

“Less is more when it comes to Mini IVF. Minimal stimulation is easier on the body without using a lot of hormones to get pregnant and it’s just as effective.”

Dr. Zhang

New Hope’s At-Home IVF experience is a groundbreaking approach to infertility treatments, allowing patients to conduct virtual consultations while going through Mini IVF in their own homes. New Hope developed this offering because they recognize that people working full-time jobs and leading active lifestyles often don’t have the luxury of time to make frequent office visits. At-Home IVF also provides the privacy that patients value while undergoing fertility treatments. New Hope’s white-glove concierge service brings the support and medical care right to the patient’s door, delivering customized programs that make the process less overwhelming and more convenient.

“Many women don’t want to sit in the waiting room and spend hours in the office. They’re much more comfortable in the privacy of their home.” – Dr. Zhang

New Hope believes that At-Home IVF is the future of fertility. As technological advancements like Mini-IVF make fertility treatments more effective and less harsh on the body, fertility will be all about the patient experience, as it should be. New Hope is leading the way with a team of doctors who genuinely care about making their patients feel good.

New Hope is also dedicated to educating people on fallacies about fertility. Below are some common fertility myths, with explanations provided by New Hope Fertility.

New Hope Fertility is based in Columbus Circle in New York City and has office hours seven days a week. For more information on their unique fertility treatments, please visit or contact them today for a consultation.

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