New licence plate changes coming next month could make it easier for police

Next month will mark the beginning of a new licence plate kind in the UK.

The new standard of plates will be introduced, replacing “BS145d” which is currently in circulation.

Instead a new “BS145e” is set to come into action which is made of a sturdier, more resilient material.

The updated plates will be able to handle more damage, bending, impact, abrasion and thermal change.

One of the purposes of the plates is to have them show up more clearly on number plate recognition (ANPR) cameras.

These will also make it easier for the police to spot vehicles.

And when these are introduced next month, two tone number plates will not be allowed, instead only solid black digits.

Changes will also come to electric vehicles, as any new EV will be equipped with a “green flash” to identify what isn’t electric.

It is hoped the changes will raise awareness of electric vehicles and ensure more authorities introduce incentives.

Meanwhile, Auto Trader found 62% of car buyers don’t know what green plates are.

Half of drivers also said they would want a green number plate if they were to purchase an electric car.

The study found a further 61% would be happy to display a green number plate once it was explained to them.

Auto Trader’s Rory Reid said: “Since green plates were launched in December 2020 as an easy identifier for zero-emission vehicles, pick up of these has started to grow, albeit slowly.

“As they are not yet compulsory, not all zero-emissions cars will have them, especially if they were on the roads before 2020.

“And if you’re buying a brand-new electric car ready for the September plate change, then you can ask the dealership to supply one instead of a regular number plate.”

There is no requirement for EV drivers to apply to the DVLA for a green number plate.

Detail of a British vehicle registration plate
The plates changed earlier this year because of Brexit
(Image: Getty Images/iStockphoto)

Once you’ve obtained a green number plate, the owner must provide documentation such as a V5C to prove their entitlement to show the registration mark.

Meanwhile, earlier this year changes in January meant that vintage number plates were only permitted for pre-1980 vehicles.

It happened with the EU flag being removed from new number plates following Brexit.

Now when choosing a new plate, drivers no longer have the option to pick an EU flag, instead they can choose from the Union Jack, English, Scottish or Welsh flag.

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