New mum raging at sister for saying she ‘laid an egg’ instead of giving birth

A woman took to the internet to ask if she was an “a**hole” after saying her sister “laid an egg” instead of giving birth.

The anonymous poster, aged 29, claimed that her 35-year-old sister had recently given brith to a baby girl, but that the infant was born “still in the sac”.

This kind of birth, also known as en caul or “mermaid birth”, is very rare, but happens when the baby is delivered still inside an intact amniotic sac.

The sac balloons out at birth with the child still inside and the baby can survive in the liquid filled “caul” for up to seven minutes.

Midwives have to burst the sac to remove the infant – this usually happens while baby is still inside the mother and is what causes your waters to break.

Mermaid or “veiled” births have been seen as a sign of good luck in many cultures, but unfortunately for this new mum she didn’t feel lucky when her sister made an off hand comment after the big day.

Her sister was fuming at the comment

On Reddit, the woman’s sister said: “Hey guys so this is kind of silly but she’s really mad at me.

“My (29F) sister (35f) recently had a baby girl and the baby came out still in the sac and the doctor had to rip it open a little to let the baby out. It was really cool to see and everyone was happy and healthy.

“We were all seeing the baby a few days later and talking about the ‘birthing experience’ when I joking said that technically she laid an egg.”

She continued: “Well, my sister didn’t find it funny and said ‘I’m not a f***ing chicken’ and is still mad at me.

“Our mom said I was being insensitive because she’s still exhausted/recovering and to give her space.”

The sister asked social media users: “So AITA (Am I the A**hole)? I thought it was funny…”

'Mermaid birth' babies are considered very lucky
‘Mermaid birth’ babies are considered very lucky

A whopping 12,300 people liked the post and it went viral as over 1,500 people commented.

One person wrote: “I want to say NTA because that is pretty funny. Maybe once she is well rested she will look back on it and think that it is funny too.”

“I’m feeling like probably NAH and sister will see the humor in it in a few days, but birth is tough and can be traumatic so it really depends on how sis feels about it all in the end,” added another.

“For now maybe apologise to smooth things over.”

But, not everyone agreed that the comment was OK.

Pregnancy and birth can be very stressful times for women
Pregnancy and birth can be very stressful times for women

One person noted: “I don’t think anyone can explain or relate to the wild hormone roller coaster being pregnant/giving birth/having a newborn can be unless you’ve recently experienced it.

“It’s easy to even forget how rough it is, how sensitive or irrational you can feel unless you’re in it. Treat mom like you would baby in the first few weeks – carefully.”

While another said: “The joke itself didn’t make you an AH, the fact you didn’t apologise when you realized it offended her does, so YTA.”

Others congratulated the new aunt on her niece.

One added: “When I was taking birthing classes, I learned this was called an en caul birth. Babies born like this are supposed to lead very lucky lives.”

Do you think she was wrong? Tell us in the comments…

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