New Simpsons Pics Preview Treehouse Of Horror Parasite Parody

It’s a time-honored Halloween tradition, and this year will be no different. The Simpsons is serving up yet another “Treehouse of Horrorspecial this October, with this one being its 32nd (!) in total. And, for the first time ever, this episode will make a change to the iconic “ToH” format. Instead of the usual three mini-episodes in one, this time it’ll feature five. And we’ve now got our first glimpse at “Treehouse of Horror XXXII” with these new images.

The first segment is set to be a parody of Bong Joon Hu’s Oscar-winning Parasite, with many of these pics showcasing the Simpsons’ take on the acclaimed black comedy thriller. Just as in the film, it’ll see the family infiltrating a wealthy person’s life – in this case, Springfield celebrity Rainier Wolfcastle. Check out the images in the gallery below:

Another skit will see horror legend Vincent Van Gough (voiced by Maurice LaMarche) read Maggie a bedtime story – “The Telltale Bart”, a spin on Edgar Allen Poe’s The Telltale Heart, which will be realized with gothic animation inspired by Edward Gorey’s artwork. This one feels like a throwback to the classic ToH episode, “The Raven”, which was another Poe retelling.

Other photos see Lisa hanging with a zombie at school and a ghost Milhouse haunting her at home. These could possibly be from the episode’s The Ring spoof, which will see the kids discover a TikTok video that causes anyone who watches it to die within seven days. We also know that the special will offer a gory pastiche of Disney’s Bambi. So expect a few meta-references to the fact The Simpsons is now owned by the House of Mouse. Oh, and ex-NBA player Tree Rollins will show up, too. His cameo looks to come from the fifth sketch that apparently involves the whole town.

Don’t miss The Simpsons: “Treehouse of Horror XXXII” when it premieres on Fox this Sunday, October 10th.


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