New Stew, Who’s This?! Did Lexi Get Fired?

Spoiler alert! The Below Deck Med Season 6 midseason trailer came out on Monday, August 16 ahead of the upcoming episode. There is plenty of drama and twists to come. This season has already had its share of ups and downs with stew Lexi Wilson.

She had an epic fight with the entire deck crew. It happened after a night of drinking. Fans bashed Lexi for her behavior and wondered if she will get fired this season. It does not look good for the former beauty pageant queen.

A new stew emerges

The Below Deck Med midseason trailer is here. More drama is set to come to the show. As Bravo fans know, this show is not without its share of ups and downs. A fresh face appears on the boat. Even some of the deck crew are wanting to know her name.

“Do you know her name? I think it’s Andrea?” one of the deckhands asks. “I’m sure it begins with an ‘A’ or an ‘E,’” David Pascoe responds in confusion. “Wow, I was so wrong on Andrea,” he later admits.

Delaney Eva makes her debut in the midseason trailer. It looks like she’s already having a rough go at it since she has to meet Captain Sandy Yawn on the bridge. That’s never a good sign.

“I went to Berkeley. Then I got my captain’s license,” Delaney says as she wonders about her life in the laundry room. “Now I’m doing laundry. Whatever!”

There are also scenes of Andrea and a mystery guy grinding on each other in the hot tub. It appears that the deck crew is also into her. David and Lloyd Spencer both admitted that they had a crush on bosun Malia White. It looks like the new girl is going to steal some hearts.

This also brings up an interesting question. With Andrea on board, does this mean that Lexi quit? Or, did she get fired? This is a big spoiler for Bravo to reveal so soon. There’s another scene where Lexi, fellow stew Courtney Veale, and chief stew Katie Flood have a meeting. They talk about working together.

Did Lexi Wilson leave Below Deck Med?

The Below Deck Med midseason previews don’t look so good for Lexi. It’s obvious that someone else has taken over Lexi’s job. Also, Captain Sandy Yawn is seen telling Katie to “woman up, make a decision and go have a conversation.” Lexi also has an argument with Chef Mathew Shea after he tells her that no one likes her.

This leads to another stressful crew dinner out. The trailer does not reveal who she replaces, but she teased that she could be the new third stew. Below Deck Med airs Mondays at 9 p.m. ET on Bravo. New episodes come out a few days earlier on Peacock.

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