New Update! Jamie Otis Gives Wednesday Update On Nephew
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New Update! Jamie Otis Gives Wednesday Update On Nephew

2021 just like 2020 has brought about scary times for many. Reality stars are just like everyone else with struggles and life occurrences that can cause anxiety and grief. Along with dealing with her own marital issues and depression, Jamie Otis rushed to her sister’s side this past weekend after they faced a life-threatening injury. She’s shared a lot with her fans about her nephew’s journey. On day one she shared a sad update that left fans wondering if he had even survived the unknown tragic event. Yesterday she gave fans another glimpse into his story. Today, Jamie shared another update. How is this little guy doing?

Jamie Otis gives fan another update on her nephew

Wednesday, Jamie went to Instagram to share a photo and a video of her nephew in the hospital. Yesterday she reiterated to hold your loved ones tight. She said, “My sis dropped my nephew Jayme & my niece Natalynn off at the babysitters just like any other day…but a few hours later she got a call that Jayme was in an ambulance on his way to the hospital.😢”

Today she shared another update of his progress. ⁣She said, “It was 1 week ago today when my sis dropped my nephew off at the babysitters not knowing the next time she’d pick him up it’d be from a hospital bed.😢 They’re still in the hospital working on a full recovery BUT he is now breathing on his own, eating on his own, responsive when his mommy & daddy talk to him, and he’s full of smiles.😭🙏😭🙏”

Jamie continued on saying, “Don’t let anyone tell you prayers don’t work & miracles can’t happen … just look at his sweet, sleepy smiles as his mommy gives him alllll the kisses.🙏😭❤️”

She continued to thank everyone for their thoughts and prayers and say how much Jayme is loved.

Jamie knows all about loss

One thing Jamie can relate to is the grief involved with losing a child. Recall, Jamie and Doug lost their first son, Jonathan, when he was born prematurely. They went on to have two beautiful children. However, she did suffer a few more miscarriages along the way.

She still has not shared exactly what happened to her nephew. Right now it’s all speculation. Perhaps soon as Jayme recovers she will share her nephews story. In the meantime, stay tuned for more updates from Jamie on his healing progress.

Positive vibes are being sent out to Jamie and her family.

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