New World Order conspiracy explodes as politician mentions phrase in TV address

A politician has been accused of calling for a “New World Order” after she mentioned the expression during a live TV press conference.

The right-wing conspiracy claims that there is a secretive power that will one day rule the world as one government.

It became popular among anti-government extremists from the 1990s onwards, and conspiracists believed that they can enslave people through manufactured crisis such as terrorist attacks and pandemics.

Dr Kerry Chant, New South Wales’ chief health officer, has now gone viral for mentioning the three worlds as she gave an update about a new roadmap out of lockdown in the Australian state.

During the televised press conference, she said: “We will be looking at what contact tracing looks like in the new world order and yes there will be pubs and clubs and other things if we have a positive case there.

Dr Kerry Chant’s speech on new roadmap out of lockdown has caught viewers’ attention
(Image: ABC News)

“Our response may be different if we know that people are fully vaccinated. So, we’re working through a number of those issues.”

Of course, she was more likely referencing what the world will look after it escapes the grips of coronavirus.

But the video has been shared countless times by conspiracy theorists, with many noting the phrase.

Actor and political activist Laurence Fox posted the video on Twitter and quoted the controversial phrase “New World Order”, sparking unfounded claims of the conspiracy theory.

Some pointed out that the same expression was used by NSW health minister Brad Hazzard and said “it’s no coincidence”.

One wrote: “Stoked to have a Roadmap, particularly a Roadmap for Freedom and a New World Order!”

Twitter users noticed she said 'new world order' and circulated the conspiracy theories online
Twitter users noticed she said ‘new world order’ and circulated the conspiracy theories online
(Image: ABC News)

Another jokingly commented: “Next up after the NWO, we’ll be hearing what information the Illuminati has given them, then the announcement NSW Health is run by Venusian reverse vampires, and the premier will reveal herself as a lizard person.”

Other believed it was a “poor choice of words” that led to a circulation of conspiracy theories.

A viewer said: “NSW CHO Kerry Chant said ‘new world order’ in today’s presser – a phrase commonly used by conspiracy theorists; innocent turn of phrase from her, but it’s blowing up conspiracy channels on social media.”

A second added: “I’m guessing a synonym for ‘Covid normal’.

Some said the expression was just a 'wrong choice of words' but others brought out theories of its relation to the Illuminati
Some said the expression was just a ‘wrong choice of words’ but others brought out theories of its relation to the Illuminati

“Very poor choice of words because of the existing meaning and traction of ‘New World Order’. This won’t help at all.”

The term is also trending on Twitter, to which the platform stated: “Fact-checkers have regularly debunked claims connected to the conspiracy theory.

“The phrase is regularly used to describe times of change or cultural shift.”

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