New Yorker moves to Texas and shares ‘culture shock’ with viral TikTok

We do not drive friendly in Texas. 
We do not drive friendly in Texas.

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There’s seriously no place like Texas.

As yet another Texas explainer hits the internet (this time from the Washington Post), one New Yorker’s experience in the Lone Star State has gone viral as she shares the culture shock she felt after moving to Texas in a short clip on TikTok on September 4. The video exploded on the video-sharing app with more than 1.3 million views and nearly 214,000 likes.

The quirky 28-year-old math teacher named Ms. Wolf on TikTok wrote in her caption she’ll never get used to being called “mam.” She also brought up drivers don’t use their blinkers and will cut you off in Texas. Anyone who’s tried to merge onto Loop 1604 can vouch for that.

Additionally, she mentioned how the majority of Texans all drive “unnecessarily” large pick-up trucks (also facts). She wrote, “I have almost died several times” (girl, me too).

As a teacher, she noted how she isn’t used to schools reciting the Texas pledge after the American pledge. She, of course, mentioned H-E-B and its “cult following,” and Texas’ penchant for kolaches.

“Not going to lie, they’re delish,” she added.

You can watch the viral TikTok below:

@mswolfmathI will never ever get used to being called “mam” 😂 #teachersoftiktok #texas #katespadenyonthemove #CinderellaMovie

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