NFL player loses necklace with father’s ashes after scoring touchdown

An NFL player lost a necklace holding his father’s ashes after scoring a touchdown.

NFL star

Aaron Jones scored four times for the Green Bay Packers as they beat the Detroit Lions on Monday (20.09.21) night but the priceless pedant went missing as he celebrated scoring his second touchdown.

However, ground staff were later able to recover the precious item after thoroughly searching the stadium in Wisconsin.

Jones had said that his father would have been delighted that he lost it while scoring a touchdown.

Speaking after the game, he remarked: “He’d be happy. He’d be like, ‘If you lose it anyway, lose it in the end zone!'”

Jones confirmed the following day that a team trainer had recovered it late into the night.

The sports star told a local radio station: “[He] found it, so we’re perfect. Thank you to him. He was out there until 1.45 am.

“It shows how much they care about us.”


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