NHS doctor reveals you ‘don’t make your own farts’ – but they are unique to you

An NHS doctor has blown people’s minds by spilling some little-known secrets about farts and what makes them so special.

In a TikTok video, Dr Karan Rajan @dr.karanr says each and every toot is totally unique to you and reveals something about your guts.

The bowel surgeon says: “Consider taking 30 seconds out of your day just to think about how weird farts are.

“Once I tell you, you will never feel the same way again.”

He continues: “You don’t even make your own farts! Bacteria that live in our guts produce gases after digesting the food that we’ve eaten but haven’t digested like fiber.

“Our farts are actually the farts of bacteria – second-hand farts if you will.”

The surgeon then explains that “your fart is one a kind” much like fingerprints, although it wafts away quickly.

Dr Karan Rajan shares some fart facts on TikTok

He says: “The mix of your gut bacteria is unique to you. So your farts are customised, recycled, second-hand, hand-me-down farts.”

Since Dr Karan uploaded the clip on Saturday (August 21) it has been watched more than 2 million and received thousands of comments.

“It’s my bacteria so I’m taking credit,” joked one viewer.

Dr Karan quipped back: “Or maybe you are their human?”

A second person commented: “Seriously you think of so many strange things. Are these the farts that keep you up at night?”

A woman holding in her fart
Farts are as unique as the bacteria living in your guts

“My bacteria are working overtime,” wrote a third viewer.

Someone else questioned if there was a way to fart less and Dr Karan said eating less fiber will reduce how often you fart but it is not healthy.

Dr Karan also has a YouTube channel and an Instagram page where he shares interesting and sometimes weird medical facts.

He previously revealed that cremated ashes were actually charred bones that have been dried in the oven and ground up in a special blender.

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