NHS tribute page loses followers after sharing cheeky hand washing snap

It is common for posts to make you do a double-take on social media.

But Twitter users were not expecting it to be an NHS tribute account that made them stop in their tracks.

On September 6, at 9.52pm NHSMillion shared a rude tweet encouraging the nation to continue washing their hands.

The crude yet hilarious tweet contained a child’s drawing of some hands leaning over a sink.

However, rather than looking like some hands in a sink, due to the tap resembling a penis and the sink a bottom it certainly makes you look twice.

Along with the picture, the NHS tweeted: “Please continue to wash your hands as often as possible.”

The NHS Twitter account came under fire for sharing this crude snap of a child’s drawing

Knowing its tweet would get a cheeky reaction, it added: “Please also get your mind out of the gutter,” followed by a laughing emoji.

While many took the tweet as what it is, a funny meme during dark times, some were very insulted by it popping up on their feed.

Singer Mike Batt who couldn’t take the joke, tweeted: “It’s clearly more like a d*ck and an a**e than someone washing their hands. It shouldn’t be posted on this site. If you find it funny that just illustrates my point.

One upset follower replied: “I have decided to unfollow you because of this post. This is a crude post. There is absolutely nothing funny about Covid and you should stop using NHS in your name.”

Caucasian woman washing her hands
The NHS wanted to remind people to wash their hands

Another who claimed to be a social media expert wrote: “This account is supposed to gain supporters for the NHS but instead this post is promoting vulgarity hence losing followers. Not a good marketing move, neither it’s supporting NHS. And I speak not only as an actual NHS supporter but also as an expert in social media marketing.”

Other followers rushed to defend the NHS staff for having a giggle.

“Please don’t delete this tweet, to most people it’s an innocent child’s drawing which adults have found to be humorous because of our own dirty minds. Have a great day and keep up the great work!” said one.

Another commented: “If I ever get offended like some of these ‘adults’ over a little kids picture they drew, shoot me because I’ll already be dead inside.”

Following the backlash, NHSMillion confirmed it had lost “loads of followers”.

Under the original tweet, it wrote: “Believe it or not we’ve actually lost loads of followers for posting this kid’s drawing of someone washing their hands.

“So if you think NHS staff should also be able to have a laugh sometimes, please give us a follow!”

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