Nicholas Brendon, ‘Buffy’ Star, Arrested on Drug Charges

Actor Nicholas Brendon was arrested in Vigo County, Indiana, last week and charged with possession of prescription drugs which they believe he obtained by fraud. Brendon is best known for playing Xander Harris on Buffy the Vampire Slayer in the late 1990s. The details of his arrest report obtained by TMZ indicate that he may be in even bigger legal trouble down the line, depending on how the investigation goes.

Police reportedly pulled Brendon over for driving erratically in a silver Dodge Journey last week. The actor failed to signal and then swerved alarmingly, and police said he was sweating profusely when they approached the vehicle. Their affidavit said that Brendon “appeared nervous due to a visibly racing pulse on his neck and shaking hands.”

Brendon then handed the police a California driver’s license with the name “Kelton Shultz” on it. Brendon allegedly told them that Kelton was his twin brother, which may technically true — Brendon uses his middle name for his screen credits, but he was born Nicholas Brendon Shultz, with an identical twin brother named Kelly Donovan Shultz, according to a 1999 profile by PEOPLE Magazine.

Why Brendon had his brother’s ID is not clear, but police found more evidence of fraud in the car in the form of a prescription pill bottle made out to “Nicholas Bender.” They also found a “small plastic bag that contained crystal/powder residue.” They then called in a K-9 unit because of “signs in the vehicle that narcotics were potentially being trafficked.”

This suspicion came from multiple cuts and tears in the relatively new carpeting and upholstery within the car. However, police found only a few more suspicious plastic bags in the car, and no further signs of a larger drug trafficking operation. They did find a prescription filled that same day at a Kroger grocery store for amphetamine salts, which were prescribed to Kelton Shultz.

Brendon told police that he and his brother “have the same prescription and they fill each other’s prescription.” He gave this as his reason for lying to them about his identity as well, but also admitted to taking pills that were prescribed to Kelton, not him. Police now believe that Brendon was taking his brother’s medication outside of a medical context, and they are still investigating the possibility that he was selling the medication as well.

Police assert: “he was using his brother’s ID to procure more or that the ID he initially handed me belonging to Kelton is fraudulent.” Brendon is technically charged with failure to identify himself and obtaining a prescription by fraud. So far he and his attorney have declined to comment publicly.

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