Nicki Minaj Dragged To Court For Allegedly Bullying Sexual Assault Victim

Nicki Minaj is in the news again, and it’s not about a new music feature or the cackling sound of her beautiful baby, Papa Bear. Rather, the rapper has been invited to appear in court after 43-year-old Kenneth Perry’s sexual assault survivor accused her of trying to bully her to recant her accusations.

Minaj has been married to confirmed sexual offender, Perry since 2018, and the pair share a son. Perry was indicted in 2020 by the US Marshals, for failing to register as a sex offender in Los Angeles. The law states that all sex offenders are required to update their registrations at every jurisdiction they find themselves within U.S.A. According to his representatives, Perry pleaded not guilty to the crime, and was later released on a bond of $100,000.

Now, the rapper’s past act has come up in discussions after his survivor, who was underage at the time, reported that Minaj tried to buy her story with $500,000, and when she declined, it resulted to continuous bullying on phone and physically.

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Minaj Gets Served

Minaj has been faced with tough situations since she married Perry in 2018, but it seems like the rapper is about to face a nightmare.

She was called out recently by the woman Perry assaulted years ago, for trying to settle on the condition that the assault story be recanted in public. BBC reported that in the lawsuit, the woman in question alleged that Minaj contacted her through a third-party personnel.


She further noted that the rap queen tried to bribe her with the sum of $500,000 if she agreed to publicly state that Perry was innocent of the crime her had been convicted for.

The lawsuit also mentioned that after Perry was arrested for violating the sex offenders code in 2020, Minaj got a hold of her phone number and contacted her directly, stating that she would sponsor the survivor and her family all the way to Los Angeles to “help” her and Perry.

Although the content of the conversation was not fully disclosed, Minaj allegedly said; “I need you to know woman to woman, that this happened.”

Minaj Accused Of Forceful Actions

Per BBC, the lawsuit included the fact that when Minaj approached this survivor with a settlement package, she declined it, saying that she could not agree to make a false statement for the sake of money. Allegedly, Minaj also told the woman that she could have her publicist draft a quick statement, which she declined.

However, while she thought it would keep the rapper offer her radar, the woman reportedly noted that she was harassed continuously through phone calls, and that strange people often showed up on her doorstep demanding to speak with her.

In addition, the lawsuit claimed that the woman in question has been living in fear for the past few months, and has been unable to work efficiently since May 2020. There were also claims that the survivor has been receiving threats from different sources which led her to run for her life, as she feared retribution from the rapper and her husband.

Minaj Accused Of Battering A Survivor

More information included in the lawsuit, revealed that Minaj and Perry have been accused on battering the sexual assault survivor even after they received her stern answer that she would not recant her story.

Aside from her inability to work for over 15 months, the woman said that she is currently dealing with depression and paranoia as a result of Minaj’s associates hovering around her or calling her multiple times in a day.

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She also noted in the lawsuit that she has had to move many times for fear of her life, and all these have taken a toll on her mentally. It’s still unclear what the demand is from this lawsuit, but it is clear that the Trinidad-born singer and her husband are in an uncomfortable situation.

Since the reports of this lawsuit went viral on social media, neither Perry nor Minaj have given responses per US media, but fans are waiting patiently to hear what they have to say.

Will Minaj Face Criminal Charges?

The lawsuit obtained by BBC does not indicate that the woman is after Minaj’s arrest, however, it does not disclose otherwise, so it is safe to say that anything can happen as a result of this lawsuit.

Nevertheless, the rapper is taking her time to come up with a favorable response, and her legal team will work endlessly to untie the knot around her body and image in the public.

Since her marriage to Perry in 2018, Minaj has faced continuous backlash on social media platforms, as non-supporters accused her of favoring a registered sex offender. The news of the couple’s union upset social media users, as well raising concerns for her safety.

Nevertheless, Minaj retaliated by gushing about her man online and through her song lyrics. She also announced her retirement from music after their marriage, but has since decided to make a comeback.

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