Nicki Minaj Sued By Husband’s Rape Victim for Harassment, Intimidation

Nicki Minaj is being sued by her husband, Kenneth Petty’s alleged rape victim, claiming the couple harassed and intimidated her to recant her story.

According to legal documents, filed in New York, Jennifer Hough says the rapper and her husband “directly and indirectly” intimidated and harassed her to recant her rape story and even offered her a bribe in return.

“As a direct result of the actions of Defendant Minaj and Defendant Petty, (Jennifer) has been traumatized her entire life,” the lawsuit states. Adding, “Plaintiff has never felt safe since being raped by Defendant.”

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In the filing, Hough claims she was once offered $20,000 in exchange for signing a prepared statement by someone associated with the Petty’s that would recent the entire rape accusation. She alleged Minaj actually called her to speak about recanting the story and she has received a number of harassing photo calls and visits from people associate with the rapper. Shockingly, the lawsuit claims Hough’s brother was offered half a million dollars in exchange for helping execute the recanting of his sister by associates of the rapper, according to People. 

According to Hough, in the conversation with Minaj, the rapper offered to send her publicist to write a statement recanting the rape charge. During the phone call, Jennifer claims she told Minaj she WAS raped, and (“I need you to know woman to woman, that this happened.”) Hough told the New York Times, “If I lie now and say that I lied then, you know what that does?” adding, “Do you know what that’s going to say to my little girls or even my sons?”

Nick Minaj Allegedly Called Rape Victim To Recant Story

In the end, after the phone call, several people reportedly connected to Minaj and Petty relayed the message that they would offer $500,000 for her to take back the story. “Plaintiff hung up, distraught that Defendant Minaj’s instructed her associates to contact her brother, and her brother would even relay such a message,” the lawsuit says. Following the offer, Minaj allegedly sent Hough’s childhood friend, “Black,” to offer legal advice on how to recant her story and offer her cash.

Nicki Minaj Sued By Husband's Rape Accuser For Intimidation, Harassment

“Black pulled out a green-colored folder that had a document inside. This document was a written recanted statement prepared for Plaintiff to sign. Black then pulls twenty thousand dollars out of the armrest and places it on the Plaintiff’s lap,” the lawsuit states. Adding, “Plaintiff took the money off her lap and placed it on the floor. Plaintiff could not believe that Defendant Minaj would go this far to bribe her.”

Rape Victim Says She Is Continuously Harassed By Minaj’s Associates

In the suit, Hough described being continually harassed by associates of Minaj and Petty’s and claims she is suffering from nightmares, depression, and “thoughts of paranoia.” The alleged victim claims she was even offered witness protection by the U.S. Marshalls. As we reported, Petty was convicted of the crime back in 1994 and is forced to register as a sex offender.

Nicki Minaj Sued By Husband's Rape Accuser For Intimidation, Harassment

Shockingly, the alleged victim recounts the sexual assault in the lawsuit saying she was grabbed on her way to school by Petty who pressed a knife into her back, asking her to “start walking.” Petty allegedly took her into a house at knifepoint as she was “fighting for her life to get this rapist off her.” During the incident, she was allegedly cut on the stomach, while Petty raped her.

“He stood in the mirror and beat on his chest stating, ‘I am the man. I am the man’ repeatedly,” she claims. At the time, she allegedly reported the rape to the police immediately.


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