Nicolas Cage Has Found Himself As the Subject Of Yet Another Headline Addressing His Drunken Ways

Nicolas Cage has found himself as the subject of yet another headline addressing his drunken ways. The actor was recently mistaken for a homeless man while he was out drinking in Las Vegas. 

It isn’t very often that Nicolas Cage is splashed all over the news unless he is promoting a film or has done something unfavorable. Unfortunately, the 57-year-old actor made news for the latter this time.

The Hollywood star was kicked out of an upscale restaurant after causing a scene in the space. Footage of the ordeal was recently shared to the press by a witness, and it captures Cage in a terrible light.

Hollywood actor Nicolas Cage was kicked out of Lawry’s Prime Rib in Las Vegas last Monday. The actor was allegedly kicked out after starting an argument with a staff member while he was “completely drunk.”

In the video, Cage is seen wearing a black shirt and leopard print pants and is barefoot for a part of the clip. The A-lister then struggles to put his flip-flops back on before stumbling and shouting in the video.

While the scene looks shocking to many, witnesses who saw the actor before the ordeal may have been less surprised. Staff members revealed that Cage was drinking whiskey and tequila, which resulted in his behavior.

Although the actor’s drink choices explained his actions, it didn’t excuse them. He was almost unrecognizable to those who saw him, and one onlooker even explained that they thought Cage was a homeless man:

“To our shock, it turned to be Nicolas Cage. He was completely smashed and was getting into a bit of a fight with the staff.”

The witness also revealed that Cage asked whether some of the people in the restaurant wanted to join him at his place. However, they state that they rejected the offer since Cage was in such a bad state.

Unfortunately, this is not the first time people have witnessed Cage in a drunken stupor. The actor previously caused a scene at a Las Vegas chapel while insisting that he marry his ex-wife Erika Koike.

Koike tells Cage that she did not ask him to marry her in a video shared with the press. However, the intoxicated actor left the venue with signed papers and a fourth wife, only to annul the marriage four days later.

Although it may seem that the actor only has a troubled history with Las Vegas, that is not the case. Cage previously admitted that he has a self-destructive approach to alcohol when not working on a project.

Sadly, it seems Cage’s self-destructiveness did not come from a lack of work this time around. The actor has a film coming out soon, which means he may be mourning the loss of his mother, who passed away in May.

Neither Cage nor the Lawry’s Prime Rib Restuarant manager has commented on the past events. Hopefully, all is forgiven between the parties involved, and that Cage is seeking help after his recent incident.


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