Nicole Scherzinger Hit With Lawsuit Over Pussycat Dolls Reunion

Nicole Scherzinger may have been the lead singer of The Pussycat Dolls but she’s in legal trouble over the group’s recent reunion, which she’s absent from. According to E! News, the founder of the burlesque dance troupe Robin Antin is suing Scherzinger, alleging she is “refusing” to perform in the reunion tour in spite of Scherzinger allegedly agreeing to do so in 2019. Antin claims she spent two years in negotiation with Scherzinger regarding the reunion, beginning in 2017. She says she received $600,000 from Live Nation for the tour on the contingency that Scherzinger participate. 

According to court documents, the agreement was that Scherzinger would be an “active partner” and perform in the tour, which was to include 45 live performances beginning in 2019. Scherzinger was to receive 49 percent of the shares and profits of PCD Worldwide, a new venture for the group. Antin was to get the remaining 51 percent. 

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the tour was put on hold. Per the lawsuit, “Before the originally scheduled dates of the tour, a once-in-a-century global pandemic halted music touring activity,” adding, “no other option than to indefinitely postpone the tour until it became safe and economically viable to reschedule.” The tour was rescheduled to begin in Europe in May and June 2021, but rescheduled again. 

Scherzinger returned requesting new terms to the agreement, including requesting to become the owner of 75 percent of PCD Worldwide, as well as ask for “complete creative control” and be the “final decision-making authority.” she’s been open in the past about feeling as if she carried the success of the group as the lead vocalist and songwriter. As for why she asked for new terms, Scherzinger says it was due to “the growth of her personal brand and the opportunities she would have to forego” in order to continue with the tour. 

When the terms were denied, she opted out of the tour. Now, Antin wants to be awarded for money lost, including any potential profits as a result of Scherzinger backing out. She also wants a trial by jury.

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