No Known Evidence Or Report Of Thomas Girardi’s Car Crash

Erika Jayne claimed that her estranged husband Thomas Girardi was in a car crash many years ago. She made the shocking revelation on a recent episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. However, there is no report or evidence of the crash. She came under fire for the crazy story. Some fans couldn’t find any reports on Thomas’s accident.

It would be a well-known story. At the time, Thomas was her hotshot attorney husband. He was one of the best-known lawyers in all of Hollywood. Certainly, it would’ve made news if he ended up in a car crash. Fans want to know if Erika lied about the crash.

Thomas Girardi found unconscious after 2017 car crash

On a previous episode of RHOBH, Erika Jayne opened up what really happened to Thomas Girardi in 2017. She claimed that he’s been mentally unwell for years. His declining health was a result of his mystery car accident, which they didn’t report. Erika claims that Thomas is a private man, which could be the reason why he didn’t report it.

But why didn’t Erika file the crash through the Pasadena Police Department? Apparently, Thomas had several broken bones and was unconscious for 12 hours. She felt uncomfortable as she shared her story with the ladies. She wasn’t truthful about what happened to him then.

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“I called you and I said, ‘Tom’s had a car accident,’ which is true, but I just didn’t tell you the rest of it,” Erika explained to her co-star Kyle Richards. “As a result of the crash, his ankle was broken. He was also unconscious for 12 hours, but no one knows that.”

Thomas accidentally drove off the cliff, which caused the tragic accident. Erika found him because she thought he was cheating on her. He made a wrong turn when he was driving back home that day. Her castmates were in shock, as were the fans.

No known record of the 2017 crash

If you do a simple Google search for “Thomas Girardi car crash,” nothing but a summary of the recent episode pops up. There is no report of the crash. What’s also shocking is that the Pasadena Police Department has no evidence of the wreck. L.A. Times writer Matt Hamilton confirmed that they don’t have any record of the incident.

“I have asked the Pasadena Police Department about any crash in its vicinity within the timeframe in which it was reported on TMZ and discussed in the show and they don’t have any evidence of this crash,” Matt shared on the Reality Life with Kate Casey podcast. “There are actually so many different variations of it in terms of, there’s a cliff and he’s unconscious bu the only hurt his ankle. It’s very confusing to me.”

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[Credit: YouTube]

Kate said she doesn’t understand why the police weren’t involved with the crash. It sounded pretty serious from what Erika described. Matt has a feeling that Erika fabricated the story to push the narrative that Thomas’ mental health was declining what was led to his embezzlement case. Critics find it odd that Erika has been so supportive of her husband throughout all this.

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