Noah ‘breaks up’ with Abigail because she’s ‘not his person,’ while Serena ‘falls in love’ with Joe on Bachelor in Paradise LIVE.


EPISODE ten of Bachelor in Paradise ended with Noah appearing to “break up” with Abigail because she was “not his person.” ”

As prom came to an end, Noah told Abigail, “There’s been a conflict between what I feel and what I think I should do after paradise and this whole experience..” “We’ve been the most fun, unbothered couple on this beach..”

… I’m beginning to develop genuine feelings for you. ”

In the end, he told her that he’s worried “deep down” that he’s not with the right person.

“Noah is my entire paradise.” “I’m not sure why Noah chose tonight to have this conversation,” Abigail said later to the camera. Meanwhile, Serena “fell in love” with Joe, and the two were crowned King and Queen of Paradise Prom. The three-hour show included a special Paradise Prom episode, in which the contestаnts took eаch other to аn 80s-themed prom. The episode wаs guest-hosted by Wells Adаms, а fаn fаvorite bаrtender.



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